Grafton Fire Department welcomes new truck to fleet

GRAFTON—The Grafton Fire Department is pleased to announce the arrival of their new Engine 101.

The truck, which has been deemed “The Workhorse,” is a 2016 Pierce Saber Custom engine. According to Grafton Fire Chief Dave Crimm, the truck is equipped to carry 1,000 gallons of water, and has a 1,500-gallon-per-minute pump.

“This new apparatus can handle a multitude of different emergencies,” shared Crimm. “Our previous Engine 101, which was 16 years old, was only able to handle fires and car wrecks involving light extrications. The new apparatus will be able to handle so much more.”

According to Crimm, Engine 101 will now be able to take calls, regarding not only fires and light extrications, but car accidents involving heavy extrications, high-angle rescues, structural collapse rescues and Emergency Medical Service calls.

“We have outfitted the new engine with an entire array of 18-volt DeWalt cordless tools, which include saws, drills and impact tools,” said Crimm. “The truck also provides a continuous on-board compressor to power air impact guns.”

In addition to the DeWalt tools, the truck is also equipped with three of the four new battery-operated tools that were purchased in December. Those tools include a steel cutter, a spreader and a ram.

“These new tools will allow our firefighters to work more efficiently and effectively during emergency situations,” informed Crimm.

Crimm said the truck is outfitted with a permanently mounted 15,000-pound winch in the front bumper, as well as a 10,000-pound portable winch, that can go on either side of the rear of the truck.

“This provides us another way to stabilize the truck in certain rescue situations,” explained Crimm.

Crimm said the fire department signed contracts for the truck in February 2016, and Pierce’s Bradenton, Florida factory went to work building the new engine.

“After it was complete, the truck was sent to our dealer in Ohio, in December, where they completed it to our specifications,” said Crimm. “Some of our members went up on Friday, and picked the truck up to bring back to the station.”

Crimm said he hopes to have the truck in service by the weekend.

“We are excited to put it to use,” said Crimm. “We saw a need to improve our abilities to better serve the citizens of Taylor County,” shared Crimm.

According to Crimm, the two areas they continue to strive to make improvements include purchasing new apparatuses, as well as making sure the men and women of the fire department are current on all their training and techniques.

“Not only do our members do the training, they handle all the fundraising that allows us to better equip the department to handle emergencies within our community,” explained Crimm. “We are very fortunate to have such a devoted group of individuals who undertake many hours of training, above and beyond what is required, and who put their own lives on hold to serve our community.”

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