Grafton Fire Department receives rapid response license

GRAFTON—The Grafton Fire Department Unit 106 has been awarded licensing as a rapid response agency, after passing inspections from the state Wednesday.

According to Grafton Fire Chief Dave Crimm, being a licensed rapid response agency is something the fire department wanted to do for the community.

“This is an additional cost to us, above and beyond our normal fire fighting duties, but we wanted to do it to better serve a community that has always shown us a tremendous amount of support,” shared Crimm.

The fire department was previously affiliated with other rapid response agencies, but Crimm said he wanted to be a stand-alone agency. He said this would ensure that when information is sent out, it would be sent directly to them.

“That way, we can keep up with any protocols and changes made to improve our services,” explained Crimm.

During the inspection, state licensers inspected multiple areas including the vehicle, supplies, the firemen’s medical training, as well as looked over the department’s training records.

Craig Crimm, Public Information Officer for the Grafton Fire Department, reported that all of the members of the fire department are trained in First Aid/CPR. He went on to say that some have increased that training to the Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician levels. The fire department also has the benefit of having a licensed paramedic on staff.

“The fire department is committed to assisting our EMS partners, including Taylor County EMS and Flemington EMS, whenever our assistance is requested,” stated C. Crimm. “We look forward to continuing our relationships with our EMS partners, to better serve the public.”

According to Jimmy Sadler, West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services Agency Licensing Coordinator, after inspecting the fire department’s EMS assistance/personnel carrier truck, he awarded them with the state rapid response licensing.

“Our members worked extensively, over the last several weeks, to ensure the unit was equipped with the proper equipment to pass the inspection process,” explained C. Crimm. “This is the first time one of our apparatus have been licensed by the OEMS.”

D. Crimm shared that he would like to have more trucks added to the license, which will include a new engine and a new personnel carrier.

“We are excited to receive our rapid response licensing,” expressed D. Crimm. “We felt like we needed to do this to improve the services for the citizens of Taylor County, because we really appreciate their continued support, and would like to continue to serve them to our fullest ability.”