Grafton Fire Department aids in Barbour CoGrafton Fire Department aids in Barbour County water rescueunty water rescue

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BARBOUR COUNTY—The Grafton Fire Department was called to assist in a water rescue, at Arden on Friday.

According to Grafton Fire Chief Dave Crimm, the Philippi Fire Department called around 7:00 p.m., asking for mutual aid.

“They had a patient that was injured and stranded on a rock at Arden,” shared Crimm. “They said she had fell from one rock to another, and had possibly fractured her leg.”

Crimm said five members from the fire department responded with Units 106 and Boat 1. He reported that they were able to make contact with the patient, and transported her back to the shoreline, where emergency medical squad members were waiting.

Crimm said the patient was transported to the hospital, but he is unsure of the means, and her condition was unknown.

“They had talked about bringing in LifeFlight, but before we got out of the water it began lightening, so it is unclear whether she was flown or taken by ambulance,” explained Crimm.

Crimm said he would like people to be cautious as the weather warms up, and people start using waterways as a means to cool down.

“With the warmer weather and boating season upon us, individuals need to be sure to have the proper number of life jackets or other personal flotation devices on board their water vessel. Individuals should never attempt to operate a watercraft or swim while intoxicated,” expressed Crimm. “In addition, individuals should be sure to abide by all local and state laws and regulations when utilizing waterways.”

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