Grafton FBLA returns from national competition

GRAFTON—This year eleven Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) members attended the National Leadership Conference (NLC). To be eligible to attend, students had to place fourth or higher at the State Leadership Conference.

On June 28, these eleven students, along with their advisor, flew to California on a once in a lifetime trip. At the NLC, members attended sessions and competed in their event category. Sessions were taught be experienced men and women in many fields. Some sessions taught business-related topics while others taught on more common things such as getting into a college.

Along with sessions and testing, the NLC provided many exhibits. Exhibits allowed members to not only interact with each other but also with business men and women, college representatives, and members running for national offices.

Members received a great opportunity to watch other members present in events they were interested in. By attending the NLC, students’ understanding of the FBLA organization grew.

Members came home with tons of information and ideas they hope to spread to not only Grafton’s FBLA chapter but the community as well.

Grafton’s FBLA would like to recognize Mrs. Bolyard because their trip would have been impossible without her.