Grafton City Hospital offering physicals and shots

GRAFTON—The Grafton City Hospital is hosting free sports, camp and band physicals from now through August 31.  This offer applies for all Taylor County school age children. 

To make an appointment, please call the Tygart Valley Total Care Clinic at 304-165-0400, walk ins are also available from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. 

The Grafton City Hospital would also like to remind everyone that they offer the needed shots for school age children.

Children in seventh and twelfth grades need to be vaccinated for Tdap and Menactra, and children between the ages of four and five are required to have their required shots before entering school.

If you have questions about this or would like to schedule an appointment, please call the hospital at 304-265-0400. 


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