Grafton City Council prides itself on working with community members

Strives to help improve the community for all who live here

GRAFTON— The Grafton City Council, is constantly working with members of the community to make improvements to the city.

During their meeting on Tuesday, the council discussed many items of business.

City Manager Kevin Stead reported that the sidewalk replacement project, on West Main Street, is well underway, with 16 yards of new concrete poured since last month’s meeting.

The Public Works Department has also been working on the demolition of dilapidated homes and buildings in the area.

“So far they have demolished seven structures, with more to come, later in the month,” Stead shared.

In other business, City Clerk Larry Richman revealed to the council, that Shield Roofing would be beginning work on the roof of the Mother’s Day Shrine next week.

Richman explained to the council members that an additional $2,000 is needed to replace gutter and downspouts, in order for everything to match.

Vice Mayor Brenda Thompson made a motion for the City Council to provide the extra funds. Councilman Earl Bartlett seconded the motion.

Grafton Fire Chief Dave Crimm was in attendance as council revealed two bids for the replacement of the department’s rescue engine.

The first bid, coming in from Findley Fire was $387,390, and the other, from Four Guys came in at $375,785.

A representative of Four Guys accompanied Crimm to the meeting. He reported that there is a 12-month turn around time for the completely custom made truck.

Members of the council expressed that they would like Crimm to take time to look over the bids and specs of the new truck to make a decision on which would better suit the needs of his department.

“We have trucks from each of these companies now. They are both very good quality manufactures,” commented Crimm.

Councilman Jerry Isner voiced his concern with cost saying he wasn’t sure if he was prepared to possibly raise the fire fee, to allow funding for the new truck.

“I do not think anyone here is prepared to make a commitment today,” said Mayor Peggy Barney. “The bid is good for 90 days, we will let Dave have time to look over everything, and we will take the time to come up with funding ideas, and come to a decision before the 90 days is up.”

In addition, President of the Taylor County Historical and Genealogy Society David Cantu, addressed the council, seeking monetary help to replace the roof on the old M&M bank building, which is used by the society.

In conjunction with the age of the current roof, it also suffers from hail damage, and has approximately 25-patched holes from the April 2016 hailstorm.

“I am asking you for assistance in making a big dream of mine come true,” said Cantu.

He shared that it is the hopes of the Taylor County Historical Society to use the building for a museum, conferences and community activities, such as first Friday events.

“We as the historical society, have some really great things we would like to accomplish, but we are loosing members because of the condition of the building, and the inability to do more because of the building,” explained Cantu.

Cantu told the council members that the society is also seeking assistance in the form of a grant, which they will be applying for later in the month.

Although several bids for different types of roofing have been received, the exact cost of replacing the roof has yet to be determined.

Cantu believes the cost of replacement will be somewhere around $75,000.

Seeing the dire need of the replacement and passion that the members of the society have to maintain and share the history of the town, council agreed to give $10,000 to the cause, pending grant approval.