Grafton brushes off loss to claim a close second-game victory in double-header

GHS pitching duo Fredrique Maloley (left) discusses the game plan with Mia Chambers (right) as she takes to the rubber.

TUCKER COUNTY— Struggling to keep the up with the high-powered offense of the Tucker County Lady Mountain Lions, the Grafton High School Lady Bearcats saw the first contest of a double-header slip away early, and they were unable to pull off the comeback.

With a silent first inning from both teams, the Lady Mountain Lions got things started in the second, scoring two runs on an error, and never looked back.

Grafton continued struggling to connect when they stepped up to the plate, and would fall behind by five additional runs that the Lady Mountain Lions notched in during the third inning. However, the fifth inning was all Grafton.

Throughout the frame, the Lady Cats put up five runs with Ashlyn Zbosnik, Kaileigh Spiker, Fredrique Maloley and Mia Chambers all sending runners home with RBIs.

Despite the big fifth inning played by Grafton, Tucker County refused to give up victory and brought two more home in the sixth, to secure the final 5-12 decision.

Maloley stood on the rubber for the Lady Cats and took the loss, allowing 12 hits and 12 runs, while sending five back to the dugout.

Spiker led Grafton, going three-for-four at bat.

Brushing off the loss, and ready to start new, the Lady Bearcats entered their second game against the Lady Mountain Lions with a winning mindset, and came out on top of a close contest after stealing the lead late.

Once again it was Tucker County getting on the board first, when they drove in a run on an error in the second inning.

Grafton was quick to answer, tying things up, one all, with a Spiker single on the first pitch at bat.

With the game holding steady at the 1-1 tie over the next three innings, the Lady Bearcats entered the seventh and final frame of the contest looking for revenge.

At the top of the inning Spiker would single, again on the first pitch, resulting in a Lady Bearcat run, giving her team the encouraging boost they needed to pull ahead for good.

The Lady Mountain Lions found themselves down by four runs and gave it their best effort to fight back, driving in three runs during the final inning, but would ultimately come up short and drop the suspenseful contest to the Lady Bearcats, 5-4.

Senior Mia Chambers took to the rubber for Grafton, going the duration of the game allowing just four runs on eight hits and striking out six, while Katlyn Simmons took the loss for Tucker County, surrendering five runs on eight hits, striking out just three Lady Cats and walking none.

Of the eight hits recorded by the Lady Bearcats, Spiker and Maloley led the way, each earning two.

Individual Box Scores game one (GHS vs TCHS):

K. Spiker: AB-4, R-1, H-3, RBI-1, BB-0, SO-0, M.Chambers: AB-3, R-0, H-1, RBI-1, BB-0, SO-0, A. Wyer: AB-3, R-0, H-0, RBI-0, BB-0, SO-2, M. Shaver: AB-0, R-0, H-0, RBI-0, BB-0, SO-0, J. Niggemyer: AB-3, R-0, H-0,RBI-0,BB-0,SO-0, A. Smith: AB-3, R-1, H-0, RBI-0, BB-1, SO-0, F. Maloley: AB-4, R-0,H-1, RBI-1, BB-0, SO-0, A. Collins: AB-1, R-0, H-0, RBI-0, BB-0, SO-0, G. Purkey: AB-3, R-1, H-0,RBI-0, BB-0, SO-0, S. Wyckoff: AB-2, R-1, H-0, RBI-0,BB-1, SO-0, A. Zbosnik: AB-3, R-1,H-1, RBI-1, BB-0, SO-2

Individual Box Scores game two (GHS vs TCHS):

K. Spiker: AB-4, R-1, H-2, RBI-2, BB-0, SO-0, M. Chambers: AB-4, R-0, H-0, RBI-0, BB-0, SO-0, A. Wyer: AB-0, R-1, H-0, RBI-0, BB-0, SO-0, M. Shaver: AB-1, R-1, H-0, RBI-0, BB-0, SO-1, J. Niggemyer: AB-3, R-0, H-1,RBI-0,BB-0,SO-0, A. Smith: AB-4, R-1, H-1, RBI-1, BB-0, SO-0, F. Maloley: AB-4, R-0,H-2, RBI-2, BB-0, SO-0, G. Purkey: AB-3, R-0, H-0,RBI-0, BB-0, SO-0, S. Wyckoff: AB-3, R-1, H-1, RBI-0,BB-0, SO-0, A. Zbosnik: AB-3, R-0,H-1, RBI-0, BB-0, SO-2



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