Girls can play too

GRAFTON— Currently, Taylor County is home to two co-ed basketball leagues, however, Grafton High School Lady Bearcat Head Coach Andrew Moore believes that it is important to allow girls to have their own spotlight, and has recently set out in search of future Lady Bearcats who may be interested in being a part of an all-girls basketball league.

According to Moore, the creation of the league is still in the developmental process, noting that the amount of interest it attracts is a key to moving forward.

   In order to gauge the amount of interest, he has created a short survey to see how many girls would be willing and available to play for each grade level.

“We are hoping to have some data from this survey to work with over the next few weeks, to see how we can continue on with this,” he commented.

The potential league would be open to girls in grades second through sixth who are interested in competing in an all-girls league, with games being held through the winter months. 

Moore said that it is his goal to have enough young ladies interested that multiple teams can be formed, and they can hit the court right here in Taylor County.

“Of course part of the planning process for this league would be to talk to the coordinators of Taylor County Biddy League and Taylor County Youth League to see how we can integrate this new group,” he shared.

While Moore has a great passion for teaching the sport and allowing athletes to develop and grow as basketball players, he revealed that his commitment to the Lady Bearcats is too great for him to be able to coach these proposed teams, however he is confident that some of the community’s great volunteers who share his passion will come forward and lend a hand.

“Because of the amount of time I have invested at the high school level, I won’t be able to take on a new team myself, but I am hoping to find some great volunteers that will help make this vision possible,” he remarked.

He again expressed how important it is for young girls who have a passion for basketball to be afforded this opportunity saying, “We just want our girls to get as much time on the ball as possible. It is essential for development in the sport, and we feeling this is their best path for growth as a player.”

He revealed that the last time a girls league was held in the county, that group of girls went on to become two time state tournament participants, making it to the final four in 2016.

Those interested in taking part of the survey can email Moore at [email protected] to request the link.


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