GHS teachers defeat TCMS teachers on the hardwood

GRAFTON—In front of almost 1400 students in a packed Scotty Hamilton Gymnasium, the Grafton High School and Taylor County Middle School teachers put their basketball skills on showcase, last Friday morning.

The two schools came together in the first ever GHS versus TCMS basketball game. The game was organized as a fundraiser for parent organizations for both the high school and middle school.

The students at GHS and TCMS were charged a couple of dollars to attend the game and from the sound in the gym, they received their $2 worth in entertainment.

Both teams would play hard in the contest, but in the end, the GHS teachers were just a little too much for the TCMS teachers, as the Bearcats won the contest 60—58.

The GHS teacher roster consisted of Rich Bord, Mickey Foley, Jonathan Curran, Wes Norris, Richard Zukowski, Lucas McCall, Brittany Sheme, Matt Chapman, Jake Myers, Morgan Gulley, Paul Collins, Michael Johnson and Sam Wilson.

The TCMS roster included Matt Keener, Scott Reed, Kurtis Davis, Chad Gray, Andrew Moore, Olivia Shaw, Holly Kallmarten, Jamie McGee, Ashley Reed, Angelo Ingelisa and Doug Kirkpatrick.

The GHS teachers took the early lead on the Knights as former WVU Mountaineer, Jonathan Curran, hit a long range three to put the Bearcat teachers up 3—0.

TCMS teacher and GHS girls basketball coach, Andrew Moore was the first to score for the TCMS team, as he hit a jump shot to make the game 3—2. The two would battle the rest of the morning, as they were by far the two best players on the court.

The game was back and forth through the first quarter, and the Bearcats would take a 22—18 lead at the end of the first.

The GHS defense would step up in the second quarter, holding the TCMS teachers to just nine points. The Bearcats would score 17 in the second, to go into halftime with a 39—27 lead.

At the half, the GHS cheerleaders performed their routine that they would be taking to Wheeling on Saturday, for their regional competition.

Also at the half, the students held a half court shooting contest with TCMS student Isaiah Vanscoy draining the lone basket.

Coach Moore must have had some inspiring talk at halftime for the TCMS teachers, as they came out and played lock down defense on the Cats, holding them to only four points in the third quarter.

The TCMS teachers scored 11, to bring the game back within five points headed into the final quarter.

Once again, the Knights outscored the Cats 20—17 in the fourth quarter, but it was not enough as the Knights would miss a potential game winning three in the final seconds to give the Cats a 60—58 win.

Coach Curran led the Bearcats with 24 points, followed by Matt Chapman with 16.

The remaing points were scored by Mickey Foley (3), Wes Norris (2), Brittany Sheme (6), Jake Myers (3), Michael Johnson (3) and Sam Wilson (3).

The TCMS squad was led by Coach Moore with a game high 31 points, followed by Chad Gray with 13.

The remaining Knight points were scored by Scott Reed (2), Ashley Reed (5), Jamie McGee (2), Holly Kallmarten (3) and Doug Kirkpatrick (2).

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