GHS Spanish students learn about the world

GRAFTON—On Monday, students at Grafton High School showcased Spanish culture with projects.

Throughout the week, Sra. Ojeda’s students have been learning about Spanish culture by completing projects.

Each pair of students were assigned a different country and had to complete a poster with facts about the country and some of the favorite dishes enjoyed there.

Some of the facts that the students learned  included the population, tourists’ attractions, the current leaders.

Students Stephanie Collins and Andrew Irvine had the opportunity to learn about Argentina. They shared that they really enjoyed the project.

“It was a really cool experience,” commented Collins. “We were really surprised with how different the seasons out compared to ours.”

She explained that right now it is Spring in Argentina.

They added that making the food was their favorite part.

Zoe Dobbins and Eric Turner learned about Chile and they shared they also enjoyed taking part in the project.

The pair shared that they learned a lot from the project and the attractions were their favorite part about Chile.

Aniesa Taylor and Clayton Stanley showcased their project about Columbia and also shared they enjoyed the project about learning about the culture.

The pair commented that their favorite part of the project was making the food.

Throughout the morning, teachers and staff at the school came to the classroom to grade the students on the project.

History Teacher Brittney Sheme shared that she loves the idea of the project and having the students learn about different countries.


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