GHS soccer faces hurricane rain, game delay and tough opponent at recent contest

Bryson Kittle (left), Layne England (back), Levi Miller (middle) and GavinWolverton (front) defend on an East Fairmont corner kick.

FAIRMONT— In what would be a back-and-forth battle of the Bearcats and Bees, the Grafton boys soccer team recorded their first tie of regular season play on Tuesday, August 31. 

The Bearcats traveled to East West Stadium to take on East Fairmont High School and was faced more than just a formidable opponent. 

According to Coach Jack Wolverton, the team was also up against less than desirable weather conditions as the remnants of Hurricane Ida moved through the area.  

While the Bearcats saw some good possessions, nice passes and created several opportunities for scoring, the aggressiveness of play from the Bees, mixed with the difficulty of playing in the rain, made it difficult for Grafton to retain possession of the ball for very long. 

“The whole game seemed to come in waves for the Bearcats,” Wolverton noted. “We would make good plays and possess the ball for five minutes, and then we would be on our heels and playing defense for five minutes.” 

The first half saw even play from both the Bearcats and Bees, as each team found themselves struggling to land the ball in the net and headed into the break at a 0-0 tie. 

Unfortunately, due to some lighting issues within the stadium, the halftime break lasted nearly a half hour. 

This disturbance, along with a couple of players sustaining injuries, interfered with the team’s ability to get in a good rhythm, and the last half of play would see much of the same back-and-forth action. When the final whistle was blown, the scoreboard remained at 0-0. 

Despite not being able to land a goal on the night, the Bearcats fought hard, and their defensive efforts secured a tie, rather than a loss, as they were able to keep the Bees out of the net. 

“The shots, fouls and corners from both teams were pretty even,” Wolverton revealed. “I know that our team would like to have another chance to play them under better conditions.” 

Although the game did not go in favor of the Bearcats and didn’t see them give their best performance, the coaches are hopeful for their remaining contests saying, “We will be okay for the season.” 

The Bearcats are slated to be back in action today, Saturday, September 4, at noon, as they look for a win against South Harrison. 

Individual player stats:  Cody Abraham: 1 steal, Gage McVicker: 2 steals, Gavin Wolverton: 3 steals, Layne England: 2 shots, Bryson Kittle: 7saves, Levi Miller: 1 steal, Zach Nibert: 3 steals, Colton Sanders: 1 steal, Landen Hulley: 4 shots, 3 steals, Garin Chambers: 1 steal, Adrian Joyce: 2 shots, Landen Miller: 1 steal, Devin Weaver: 2 steals. 



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