GHS Seniors leave their mark through Paint Your Space event

GRAFTON—Grafton High School’s parking lot got a little color earlier this week, when talented and artistic students showed off their school spirit and personalities through their Paint Your Space event.

 Paint Your Space is in its second year at Grafton High School (GHS) and is a fundraiser used to help support the rewards and activities fund at the school.

 Each year, GHS seniors are able to purchase parking spots in the school’s lot for $40, which includes the cost of their annual parking permit.

 “Previous seniors are also able to will their spots to upcoming seniors at the end of their final year of school,” explained GHS Principal Lori Shumaker.

 After purchased, the students claim a spot and create works of art that help showcase their interests, displays school spirit or shows off their creative side. Designs must be presented to the school before gracing the lot.

 “Students are encouraged to keep it classy and to have fun with their designs,” Shumaker commented.

 On Wednesday and Thursday, students armed with water-based exterior latex paint, supplies and designs of their choosing took to the lot to paint their spots.

 “We encourage students to think of their spot as a t-shirt,” noted Shumaker. “Designs may not contain offensive language, pictures or symbols; gang-related symbols; flags; or images or words depicting something with a double meaning.”

 The lot showcases designs, positive messages and personalized creations, that all lend to the color and brightening of the school’s campus.

 Senior Abby Rucker said she chose a design that went along with her car, a Volkswagen Beetle.

 “I knew I wanted to create something with a hippie feel or something 70s inspired to match my Beetle, so I went on Pinterest and found a design I loved,” she shared. “I was excited to see how it came out.”

 For Rucker, taking part in the Paint Your Space fundraiser was more that just a rite of passage this year, saying, “With the uncertainty of a normal senior year, I want to participate in as many opportunities for seniors that I can.”

 Once assigned and claimed, the student’s spot is kept for the duration of their senior year.

 “Paint Your Space is a great way for seniors to leave their mark on the school in a positive way,” said Shumaker. “We have some really talented students and that is evident by their colorful creations this year.”


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