GHS Seniors express emotions over the cancellation of their final season

GRAFTON—Now that the start to spring sports in Taylor County have either been suspended and/or eliminated due to COVID-19, so too are many camps, clinics, tournaments, leagues, and organized practices for our local teams.

I was able to catch up with a few GHS seniors, most who had planned on playing a spring sport, to get their perspective on how the rapidly-spreading virus has affected their sport and/or them personally.

GHS Baseball Player Braeden Nose: “It has affected my senior year of baseball, and I look back at my baseball career and see I’ve been playing with these guys since T-ball. It’s terrible that it was our class because I felt we had a special bond and it’s a real shame. I’m still holding out hope for our season and I’m sure my guys are too.”

GHS Baseball Player Chase Setler: “The coronavirus has not only ruined the sport I love, it has devastated me mentally. I’m lost without a baseball season.”

GHS Baseball Player Dillon Williams: “As a senior who has already participated in two sports during this school year, this closure still is a hard pill to swallow. It abruptly stopped my last baseball season and possibly ended my baseball career. I know this is even harder for some other classmates, one in  particular. He does nothing but play baseball year round and now he is forced to possibly end his senior season before it began. I think the right precautions are being taken to combat this virus, but it still stinks that it has ended some kids’ last chance to play sports.”

GHS Baseball Player Garrett Williams: “I mean, it stinks that we have to watch our senior year end like this. I believe that we had an all-around great group of guys from the field to the classroom and in the town of Grafton. In my opinion, and some kids will agree with me, we had a chance to make a good run for a state championship.”

GHS Baseball Player Joey Dingeldein: “The coronavirus has affected my senior baseball season. Myself, along with the eight other seniors, will at best play a half season, which I think is very unlikely. It’s very sad that we won’t get to play together again. It also really stinks for the kids trying to play in college who now don’t have a senior season to showcase. On a different note, I think the media and our country itself have blown this coronavirus out of proportion.”

GHS Boys’ Track Member Devin Criss: “It’s my senior year and my last season of track. My realization that my season was over hit a little to close to home. It sent most of us in tears. Everything going on is just getting way too out of hand.”

GHS Girls’ Track Member Jacinda Devart: “As a senior, this is really tough. Last year was amazing, qualifying for states and I’ve been working hard to make a return trip. Every day that we’re out, I know the chance of that happening fades a little. I’ve been working on my own to keep in shape, but it’s very difficult to train without a track and without a team. At the end of the day, I completely understand why things have to be cancelled and the importance of social distancing to stop this virus. However, knowing there’s a real possibility that the entire season and the remainder of my senior year could be cancelled is heartbreaking, even on the best of days.”

GHS Girls’ Track Member Megan Kisner: “We had just started our season, we had ordered all the clothing for the fundraisers, and we had just received our uniforms. Unfortunately, the coronavirus stalled our season only two weeks in. Our whole team has been working extremely hard for the upcoming meets and our end goal, states. The whole team was devastated when we heard our season was suspended until mid-April, which is basically half of our season gone. All the hard work we have put in year round for this season seems like it was for nothing because we are not allowed to practice on our own track to keep us in shape. We are all afraid we will fall out of shape for when the season resumes. What’s really unfortunate for me is that it’s my senior year and I will never get those moments lost to the coronavirus back.”

GHS Athlete Jocelyn Countryman: “Not only has this virus affected me, but my classmates as well. The last two months of high school are the best and right now we don’t get to experience that. We don’t get to be around our friends, teachers, or finally have that “one last time.” It’s hard to sit home and wonder when we’re going back. We have so many questions, but only time will tell. Until then we sit and wait, praying that we get to experience what we’ve waited for the last 12 years.”


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