GHS seniors create colorful parking spots, even better memories

GRAFTON—Grafton High School (GHS) students have returned to the hallways and are ready to get back to work, but before the school year kicked off, members of the senior class made their mark in a colorful and creative way.

Talented and artistic students showed off their school spirit and personalities through the school’s Paint My Space event.

Already in its third year at GHS, Paint My Space is a fundraiser used to help support the rewards and activities fund at the school.

Each year, seniors are able to purchase parking spots in the school’s lot for $40, which includes the cost of their annual parking permit. 

“Previous seniors are also able to will their spots to upcoming seniors at the end of their final year of school,” explained GHS Principal Lori Shumaker.

After purchased, the students claim a spot and create works of art that help showcase their interests, displays school spirit or show off their creative side. Designs must be presented to the school before gracing the lot.

“Students are encouraged to keep it classy and to have fun with their designs,” Shumaker commented.

Typically, seniors come together on a designated day and have fun with their designs. However, due to forecasted weather on the set date, school officials were forced to change the way this year’s event would be carried out.

“Seniors were able to stop in the office between August 23-27 to submit their paperwork and select their space,” divulged Shumaker. “After that was completed, they were permitted to get to work on their spot.”

Paint My Space is a time for students to showcase their personalities. The lot showcases designs, positive messages, Bible verses and personalized creations, that all lend to the color and brightening of the school’s campus.

Senior Frederique “Fred” Maloley shared that the fundraiser is a great way to start the year out on the right foot.

“The experience is so rewarding from the hours spent with loved ones painting the spaces to the pride felt seeing the space for the first time once it’s complete,” she expressed. “This is more than a place to park my truck, it’s a memory that I’ll cherish forever.”

Her design was well thought out, representing Maloley in a unique way. As she pulls into her spot each day, she will see a weightlifter with softballs on her barbell instead of plates, representing two aspects of her life throughout high school. The spot also boats a Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11.

“The bible verse is a reminder to not stress about the big decisions that will inevitably be brought on during senior year,” Maloley noted. “I am so proud of my class and all of their hard work. I couldn’t ask for a more fun and special group of people to, Lord willing, graduate with in just a few months.”

Senior Kelly Grass said that she chose to take part in the event because of her desire to get the most of her senior year. 

“With the uncertainty of a normal senior year, I want to participate in as many opportunities for seniors that I can,” she said. “I want to do everything I can to make it the best year possible!”

Grass’s design features her favorite colors, as well as words from a Bible verse that sticks out to her and helps guide her.

“I chose Matthew 5:14, with the words “Be the light’ because it is my favorite verse,” she revealed. “My spot helps to represent who I am.”

Her design took her two days to complete, and for a student athlete with a job, it was no easy feat. But Grass commented that it was worth it because it was important for her to take part in this special senior tradition.

“Paint My Space is a great way for seniors to leave their mark on the school in a positive way,” said Shumaker. “We have some really talented students and that is evident by their colorful creations this year.”


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