GHS Class of 2017 not your average students

GRAFTON—Test results are in, and Grafton High School students are making the grade.

According to Principal Lori Shumaker, ACT scores for the Class of 2017 were released this month, and her students have performed above both the state and national average in every subtest, as well as the composite score.

“At Grafton High School, approximately 60 percent of the class of 2017, which is 86 of our students, took this year’s ACT test,” she explained. “They did a great job, and I’m both proud and happy to announce that they performed awesomely!”

Overall, the National Average composite score for the ACT test is a 21.0, and the West Virginia Average is a 20.4. Grafton High students taking the test this year had a Composite Score of 21.7.

The West Virginia Average for the English portion of the test is a 20.0, while the National Average is a 20.3. GHS students pulled in an average of 21.2.

In Math, GHS students scored substantially higher than the West Virginia Average of 19.4. Scoring a 21.1, the students also beat the National Average of 20.7.

The Reading subtest score was much like the others, and came in at a 21.9. Again, the students topped the WV Average of 21.2 and the National Average of 21.4.

In the Science category, the National Average score for the ACT test is a 21.0, while the West Virginia Average is slightly lower at a 20.5. GHS students average a score of a 22.1.

Congratulations to the students and staff at Grafton High School for a job well done! It is truly something for everyone to be proud of!

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