Get up, get out and Get Moving! during the 2022 Day of Play

MORGANTOWN— For the last ten years West Virginia has ranked within the top five in the nation for childhood obesity. To combat the unhealthy statistic, Get Moving! Was founded right here in the Mountain State in 2014 and is inviting local youth to “get moving” during the 2022 Day of Play. 

This year, the annual day dedicated to getting youths up and active, will be held on Saturday, July 16 from 9:00-11:00 a.m., at the WVU Football Outdoor Practice Field (behind the Indoor Practice Facility), located at 1 Ira Errett Rodgers Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505. Registrations will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m.

According to, Day of Play is a two-hour event, geared toward adolescents in the four-to-12-year age range, that provides local children the opportunity to socialize, as well as exercise with current and former WVU Athletes, while learning about the importance of health and fitness. 

“The event aims to get the idea of being active in kids’ heads at an early age and show them it’s fun to be fit! Children will have the opportunity to meet several current and former WVU Athletes, participate in several activities and be given a snack. There will be a silent auction at the event with all proceeds going to Get Moving!,” the website states. 

This two-stage healthy lifestyle campaign, inspired by Geno Smith’s rookie year in training camp with the New York Jets, brings the NFL Play 60 ideology back home to children in the state of West Virginia as the Day of Play, with former collegiate athletes that have gone onto the NFL being invited back to participate in the day with children, providing a personal one-on-one experience.

The organization shared that, according to The State of Obesity Report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, if the current trend continues, West Virginia’s adult obesity rate will rise to reach above 60 percent by 2030. 

“Because of this, it is our mission to reverse the trend in the children’s generation, and to start it right now through the inspirations of their athletic heroes,” commented a Get Moving! representative. 

A majority of the children residing within the Mountain State idolize athletes of West Virginia University and look to them as inspirational role models, as the state does not have its own professional sports teams, so the university’s student-athletes have become the children’s heroes.

And in order to make the opportunity to be active alongside some of their hometown heroes accessible to as many West Virginia youths as possible, the event is held at no cost to participating families. 

“The overall arching purpose of Get Moving! is to make a difference with children, not only at a local or state level, but on a national and global scale,” the Get Moving! site disclosed. 

So, get up, get moving and get registered today for the 2022 Day of Play at WVU! 

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