GCH and Leonard’s Grill come together in support of Rosewood

GRAFTON—The Grafton community has a reputation for stepping in when bad things happen, to show support and help out in whatever way possible.
On Tuesday, two local business, who are dedicated to serving residents, paid a visit to Rosewood to show their support to the healthcare workers who are in the midst of an outbreak of Coronavirus at the facility.
According to Grafton City Hospital’s Lisa Rock, after hearing that a local business refused to deliver food to the staff at Rosewood during one of the hospital’s morning meetings, it was decided that the employees at the nursing care facility needed community support more than ever.
“Someone had seen a post on Facebook saying that service was refused, and it was brought up in our morning huddle. We felt horrible when we heard that they were refused service, so we wanted to do something to boost their spirits and help them out a little,” Rock expressed.
She said that employees at the hospital began donating money to purchase food items for the cause.
“Mon Health also made a donation, and when all was said and done, we had collected $1,036,” Rock explained. “We then reached out to Leonard’s Grill to see if they would be willing to help with the initiative.”
She said that owner Derek Watkins quickly decided to join in and offered discounted prices on meals.
“Leonard’s Grill is going to deliver a total of four meals to the Rosewood employees, two today and two over the weekend, that will cover both day and night shift employees,” Rock revealed.
Watkins revealed that through the collaboration with Grafton City Hospital, and through using leftover funds from their Frontline Heroes fundraiser, the restaurant would be providing over 100 meals throughout the week to the staff at Rosewood.
“We wanted to do what we could to provide nourishment and show our support to them as they work to eliminate the outbreak at the facility,” he voiced.
The additional money collected by the hospital employees was used to purchase snack and bottled water for the Rosewood staff, for when they needed a break throughout their workday.
Rock said that right now, the community needs to work together more than ever to try and be there for one another.
“This really is just a gesture to help show the Rosewood community that we are behind them during this difficult time,” she noted.
Watkins echoed her sentiment saying, “Small communities across the nation have been impacted by the virus. Neighbors, friends and strangers have been ready and willing to step up and support those people who have been directly impacted, and it is something that needs done.”
As hospital staff and Watkins worked to unload the goodies purchased for the Rosewood crew on an exterior table, staff members expressed their gratitude.
Currently, the nursing care facility is under attack of the deadly virus, that has already claimed the lives of two of their residents, and infected numerous others at the facility, staff included.
“We really want the community to come together and rally around the residents and staff at Rosewood,” voiced Grafton City Hospital’s Beth Kochka. “They need support now more than ever!”


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