From the House to Your Home: Productive week at the Legislature

The week of October 10-16, 2021, I spent in Charleston for a special session in which the main agenda item was redistricting the state into 100 single member Delegate districts, 17 Senatorial districts and two US Congressional districts. The WV House has completed its map and the Congressional map that divides the state in a north-south posture based on population. We are waiting on the Senate to complete its map which has been more difficult. As they continue to deliberate on its structure, the House has recessed until they pass a bill. When all bills are final, I will provide a copy to the County Clerk and press for publication if they so choose. The maps can be viewed online if you have the capability at and click on the tab in the bottom right corner of the page labeled Redistricting.

While in Charleston I was able to speak to individuals about a few issues we are facing in Taylor County. One issue is that Grafton High School needs a new roof which the request has been denied repeatedly by the SBA. After discussion, it was felt that this would be the year it is granted. We will find out the final decision in December. 

Second, a company called Hydro Solutions has been working towards installing a hydroelectric plant at Tygart Dam. I was able to meet with two employees of the Department of Environmental Protection to discuss some concerns. The concerns seem to be easily resolved and I will make the connection of the company with the DEP employees that can assist them.

Finally, the Governor heard from many individuals who are losing their jobs and in some cases their careers due to Covid 19 vaccination mandates. While I am pro vaccine and feel the vaccine has limited the severity of disease, I respect that an individual may feel differently and want an exemption. Currently religious and medical exemptions are provided but what if a person is denied an exemption. What next? House bill 335, which the Governor requested and I sponsored, provides the legal framework when a person receives a denial. If this legislation passes, the employee may seek injunctive relief which means a Judge will evaluate the denial and see if it can be upheld or not. The Senate will take the bill up this week.

Delegate Amy Summers (304-641-1159 c, [email protected], 98 Meadland Rd., Flemington, WV 26347)


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