From the House to Your Home: A note to residents amid the current crisis

My hope is that everyone is staying uplifted in this trying time. This pandemic has brought us to much contemplation about health, the role of government, and liberty. I hope that you will share your thoughts with me in the days ahead. I think our health department and county health officer have done a wonderful job managing this disaster. Our Governor and the Executive branch have also tried to do what they think is best for the overall good. Balancing the harms of a deadly disease and taking away people’s ability to provide for themselves are tough calls. I think West Virginians and Taylor Countians have proven they are intelligent and have made wise choices. We the People can be trusted as we move forward to summer.
The Legislature, as you know, concluded our session in March. Our usual practice between the end of one session and the start of a next is to hold interim meetings throughout the season until the new sixty-day session which will be start Feb. 2021 since it is an election year for the governor’s position. We put those meetings for April and May on hold and will establish the rest of our schedule soon. Despite not being able to meet many are researching issues and gathering data. For example, as a health care provider, I am looking at what regulations relating to healthcare were lifted during the pandemic and can remain permanently. I have also reviewed the state’s pandemic response plan and have been gathering information on lessons learned to make improvements. The most troubling area seems to be the executive order to stay home and not earn pay but then not be able to receive any compensation. I have been able to facilitate help for some but not for all persons especially sole proprietors or self-employed. This has been the greatest frustration and has only been available for one week. I know the system is overwhelmed but that is not adequate for those who are suffering. Therefore, I think the removal plan of the shutdowns was imperative so these individuals can help themselves if the government was unable to yet. I trust they will be safe and those who are more vulnerable will continue to do what is in their best interest.
Please reach out with ideas or other areas of concern. I’m here for you.
Take care,
Delegate Amy Summers (304-641-1159, [email protected], 98 Meadland Rd., Flemington, WV 26347


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