From bits and pieces to the bigger picture, TCAC delves into mosaics

Photo courtesy of TCAC

GRAFTON—The Taylor County Arts Council (TCAC) was hard at work this holiday season presenting their annual fundraiser, The Festival of Trees. Now that the new year has rolled around, they are taking a much-needed hiatus from exhibiting to focus on Gallery 62 West.

“During the month of January, Gallery 62 West will not be hosting an exhibit,” said a TCAC member. “We will be temporarily closed to compete painting and maintenance on our space.”

 And while repairs are being completed, the TCAC will be shifting their focus from showing art to teaching it.

Typically, each month, the council hosts local and area artists, who present their exhibitions showcasing their talents in various arrays, including jewelry, painting, drawing, mixed media and more. However, during the month of January, Gallery 62 West will be the site of all things mosaic.

“We are excited to announce that we are offering a mosaic class at the gallery, to kick off the new year,” said the member.

This special form of art uses bits and pieces of media to create a bigger picture. Typically, the pictures and patterns are created by setting small colored pieces of glass, marble or other materials like stones, shells and beads in a bed of cement, plaster or adhesive.

Mosaics are often used as floor and wall decoration and were particularly popular in the Ancient Roman world. However, today, they can be seen in larger projects such as murals and pavements, in addition to typical artwork and hobby-like craftings.

Artist Diane Parker will be welcoming students into the world of mosaics on Tuesday, January 11, and each following Tuesday evening throughout the month, starting at 6:00 p.m.

During the initial meeting, Parker will impart knowledge, tips and tricks of creating a grand piece of art from tiny bits and pieces. Participants will then take that knowledge and put it into practice, creating their own one-of-a-kind mosaic.

“Individuals do not have to attend all three classes, but if they find it necessary to attend for the completion of their project, then they are more than welcome,” said the TCAC member.

The class is being offered for the cost of $45, which will include materials and instruction. Seats are limited, so call soon to reserve your spot.

The TCAC at Gallery 62 West may be reached via phone at 304-265-5500; through their Facebook page,; or by emailing [email protected].


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