Fresh cut Christmas Trees add to the holiday spirit

TAYLOR COUNTY—With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, many families will soon be switching gears to think about Christmastime, and that means individuals will soon be on the hunt for their fresh cut Christmas Trees.

Families will have some options for purchasing their trees this Christmas season with some great tree farm locations to visit.

Check out these following tree farms that will offering the perfect Christmas tree for this upcoming holiday season: Mt. Zion Nursery, located in Fairmont, WV; Mulkeen Landscaping Christmas Tree Farm located in Morgantown, WV; Miller’s Christmas Tress located in Terra Alta, W; May Tree Farm located in Petersburg, WV; French Creek Christmas Trees located in French creek, WV; Pinecrest Tree Farm located in Hedgesville, WV; DeHavens Choose and Cut Christmas Trees located in Hedgesville, WV; Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm located in Mineral Wells, WV; E Black and Son Nursery located in Wheeling, WV; Dan & Bryan Trees located in Shepardstown, WV; Spring Retreat Farm located in Shepardstown, WV; Whipkey Tree Farm located in Charleston, WV; and Cedar Run Farm located in Sistersville, WV.

And while some of these locations may entail more of a trip, the tree farm owners share that their trees are well worth it.

Individuals should keep in mind when purchasing a fresh cut tree that their shelf life is limited. A real tree should last up to four weeks before drying out.

When purchasing your tree, pay attention to the appearance of the needles, to ensure you fine a conifer that will last. If the needles fall off by pulling your hand toward your body along the branches the tree is past its peak.

Once a selection is made, folks are encouraged to make sure to protect the tree on the way home, wrapping it in plastic wrap has been recommended.

Getting the tree home is just one part of the process, and once it is there, there are some additional tips and tricks for ensuring the longevity of your tree.

It is recommended that the room the tree will be placed in has a distance of six inches between the tip of the tree and the ceiling.

Cutting at least an inch off of the trunk of the tree before placing it in the stand will allow the uptake of fresh water daily. Trees can absorb as much as a gallon of water in a day.

According to Karabin Farms, an out of state tree farm, to make a Christmas tree last longer, boil a gallon of water and then dissolve one cup of sugar in the water. Allow to cool. After freshly cutting the trunk, pour in the warm sugar water.

Continue to add fresh, cool, plain water to the tree stand afterward. Make sure to give the tree plenty of water.

Dry trees can catch fire with heat production off the lights. Avoid putting fresh trees near heating vents, or other heat sources.

Keeping your tree out of direct sunlight will also help to prolong the life span of the tree.

Once needles begin to fall off frequently in abundance, that is usually an indicator the tree life span is reaching its prime. You will need to remove the tree from the home due to its increased risk of becoming a fire hazard at this point.

Freshly cut trees are particularly more beautiful and come with a pine aroma, making the perfect mixture to the holiday season.

With proper care of fresh cut trees, they can be maintained, keeping the tress lively for the holiday. And while the upkeep compared to an artificial tree is more complex, a live tree adds a special touch to Christmas spirit.


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