Fraternal Order of Police to host a hunting contest this rifle season

TAYLOR COUNTY—The Fraternal Order of Police will be hosting a Bucks for Bucks campaign this rifle season and would like you to join in on the fun.

During the contest, hunters will be judged on their buck’s rack. Snag a bigger rack for more points. The points must be at least two inches long to be counted.

In the event of a tie, a Tie Breaker measurement will occur where the outside width of the rack will be measured.

All bucks must be legally killed in West Virginia with a rifle.

During Taylor County Courthouse business hours, the buck can be brought to the old county jail parking lot, located off of Latrobe Street, to be measured. If a buck is killed during the weekend, the hunter may contact Sheriff Terry Austin at 304-672-6129.

Anyone wishing to participate in the event will have to pay the $25 entry fee, and the contest must be entered prior to the buck being harvested.

The prize for the buck with the most points, or the winter of the tie breaker, should there need to be one, will be awarded with 50 percent of the earnings raised from the entry fees.

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