For the good of the community get involved in revitalization efforts

GRAFTON—Centered around the successful future of Grafton, the All Aboard Grafton (AAG) organization is continuously working for the community, offering family fun and hosting events to help draw visitors into the area, in hopes of word spreading and Grafton being a “go-to” spot on the map.

“It is time to put Grafton back on the map. What we have here in our town can’t be found just anywhere. It’s the history, the hospitality one encounters, it’s the conversations and memories; that small town feel that keeps people coming back,” expressed AAG chairman Tom Hart. 

“And it is great that people keep coming back,” he continued. “But now, in order to really succeed long-term and ensure a bright future for our city, we need to spread the word even further, we need new bodies, and we are open to new ideas that will appeal to a wider variety of folks.” 

In order to do so, AAG has teamed up with the Northern WV Brownfield Assistance Center in hosting an event, which will serve as the perfect location for individuals to share their ideas and discuss potential opportunities for the town.

The Grafton Information Gathering (GIG) is slated for Thursday, June 10, at Espresso Yourself Coffee House, located on Main Street.

GIG will boast dialect on the revitalization of downtown Grafton and will have participants divulging into the identification of key buildings in the area, as well as the opportunities to redevelop those sites into community assets.

“Meetings and gatherings like this are essential, but even more so is participation in meetings and gatherings such as this. One of our (AGG’s) biggest challenges has been ‘How do we get people to care? How do we get people to come out and join us?’ We haven’t quite figured that out yet, but we aren’t giving up either,” asserted Hart. 

The gathering will begin at 3:00 p.m. on the aforementioned date, and will last until 6:00 p.m., with the capability to come and go as one pleases throughout the duration.

“This is a great opportunity for members of the community to get together and share ideas about the future of our town,” Hart voiced. “We have a lot of potential here, and it is time for more folks to be a part of it. We can get a lot accomplished if we are willing to work together.” 

For questions about the Grafton Information Gathering please contact Ray Moeller at [email protected], or call 269-719-0504.




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