Farmer’s Markets benefit communities

TAYLOR COUNTY—With local gardens starting to come in, stalls at area farmer’s markets are beginning to fill up with vendors selling everything from fresh produce to baked goods and unique homemade creations.

Taylor County residents can purchase fresh produce Saturday mornings at the Taylor County Farm and Artisan Market from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. 

The market is centrally located in the field behind Hardcore Hunters, in a very convenient and easy to access location. Besides produce, you can also purchase baked goods and original pieces by local artisans, among many other things.

There is an abundance of reasons to shop local farmer’s markets including local economic support.

It’s a great feeling knowing that your money is staying in your community.

Shopping at peak season also gives the consumer the best price for their products, but also helps the farmer rid themselves of access produce from large harvests.   

So, instead of letting those tomatoes die on the vine, take them down to the market and make a little extra cash. They even offer 100% free set up.

By shopping at farmers markets, folks also eat seasonally, which is better than eating produce at grocery stores that has been picked before it has ripened causing a decreased vitality. Not to mention, that a pepper picked a few days ago on a local farm is much fresher than a pepper shipped to a grocery store.

A lot of people that shop farmer’s markets say how the flavor of the food is so much better and it most usually is. This is because produce is allowed to fully ripen instead of being picked before it’s ready to meet the demands of large stores.

To quote the famous farmer and poet Wendell Berry, “To be interested in food but not in food production is clearly absurd.” 

People that shop in farmers market know where their food is coming from. Meeting and talking to farmers and food artisans at markets is a great opportunity to learn more about how and where food is produced.

Not only that, most vendors also have tips and recipes to share for the goods that they are selling.   

You also can’t beat the atmosphere of a farmer’s market. It’s a great way to spend some time on a Saturday morning, strolling through the booths, talking to your neighbors outside on a beautiful day.

So, if you are buying or selling, get out to the Taylor County Artisan Market on Saturdays and take advantage of all the positives that your local farmers market has to offer!


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