Family affair at Do or Dye

GRAFTON—The new stylist lineup at Do or Dye Salon in Grafton is somewhat of a family affair, as owner Dawn Stemple Shaw has welcomed aboard two very talented hairdressers.

One got her start in Grafton, while the second stylist is a native of the city.

Sarah Miller shared that she had previously worked locally and wanted to return to help bring a new perspective in hair to the area.

“I have always said that you can tell when someone gets their hair done here and when they have traveled out of town to have it done,” said Miller. “I wanted to bring back to Grafton the look of ‘out-of-town’ hair without actually having to travel out of town.”

She said that it was important for her to bring back a higher quality of color and styles, and with 13 years of experience and extended education, she plans on doing just that.

KharaBeth (Orem) Radabaugh noted that it was a goal of hers, as well. Being a Grafton native, she wanted to bring back some style to the area.

“This summer will make nine years for me in the business, and I have also had additional training and education, both in and out of state,” she noted.

The duo joked that they are a package deal, who have worked together for quite some time, and are excited to get to work at Do or Dye to help bring modern trends to the community.

“I think that we are very fortunate, because these ladies have had extensive training. They are both Master Stylists,” said Shaw.

According to Radabaugh, to become a Master Stylist, a hairdresser must complete additional education and training in the world of haircare and all that it entails.

“There are different levels of being a stylist, and a Master Stylist is the highest level that you can obtain,” Miller said.

Often times, with the prestigious, highest-ranking title comes the ability to teach, train and mentor junior stylists, helping them move up the ranks to senior stylists.

Shaw said that she thinks that both Miller and Radabaugh will be a great addition to the salon, and one that will allow her to begin to take some time off.

“Everyone always says that they get sick of the same old trends and these ladies are ready to bring something new and exciting to the table,” Shaw noted. “I’m going to get to step back some and let these ladies run the show.”

Miller and Radabaugh are set up and currently seeing clients for color, cuts, styles, waxing and various other services. The ladies will be available Monday-Friday at the salon, located at 828 West Main Street, Grafton.

“I have been taking Tuesdays off, but we are here until 5:00 p.m., each day, except for Tuesdays when we are here until around 7:00 p.m.,” Miller noted.

To schedule an appointment with either of these highly qualified Master Stylists, be sure to call and set up your appointment today. Miller can be contacted by phone at 304-816-9172, and appointments may be set with Radabaugh at 304-534-1479.

“We are ready to make Grafton a prettier place, one head at a time,” imparted Miller and Radabaugh. “We would love for you to come and see us!”


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