Fair exhibitions must go on in spite of current pandemic

 TAYLOR COUNTY—Although the Taylor County Fair was postponed until next year, fair officials wanted to grant those who had worked hard this year an opportunity to showcase their exhibits.

 John Murray of the West Virginia University Extension Taylor County Office revealed that this year, the extension along with the Taylor County Fair Board will be offering a virtual exhibition hall.

 “We wanted to allow participants a way to show off their various crafts and produce, even though the fair had to be cancelled,” he said. “After some thought, it was decided that we would offer a virtual showing, which will allow presenters to take part free of charge.”

 Those wishing to take part in the exhibition may do so by visiting taylorcountyfair.fairentry.com, to upload photos of their prized produce, foods, arts and crafts, needlework, flowers and educational exhibits.

 “Participants will need to snap pictures of their products and then upload them to the site for judging,” Murray said. “Because of concerns of representation of the exhibit through photos alone, we will be conducting judging a little differently this year.”

 Typically, judges will scrutinize over the fine details and appearance of exhibits, and then when all is said and done, some lucky participants receive premium money awards for their submissions.

“This year, instead of being judged along with all the other entries in a category, each submission will be judged on its own,” Murray revealed. “After the photos are judged, participants will be awarded with either a blue, red or white ribbon.”

 He noted that some submissions not meeting the qualifications of each category would not receive a ribbon.

 Exhibitor Guides for each category can be found at www.tcfairgrounds.com/exhibit-hall. Registration will conclude on Saturday, August 15 at midnight.

 In addition, after noting the hard work, countless hours and dedication put forth by the Taylor County 4-H Junior Livestock kids, the entities wanted to come up with a way for them to showcase their animals and still undergo judging.

 “The best way we could come up with that would allow them to showcase their animals, while still following the safety guidelines in place for social distancing, we came up with a virtual show for them, as well,” Murray disclosed.

Jr. Livestockers wishing to take part in the virtual show will also need to submit photos and videos of their animals to taylorcountyfair.fairentry.com.

 Again, judging will be completed on animals individually, as opposed to comparing animals who would typically be shown at the same time.

 “It is almost impossible to see some of the finer details of the animals that would make a difference in placing,” Murray shared. “So, this year, we will be looking at the overall appearance of the animal and how well it is shown, and each animal will be awarded with a blue, red or white ribbon.”

 Once judging has been completed, the media will be available for viewing on the website.

 “Once the judging is done, we will be holding an online auction from the same website,” Murray noted. “The sale will open on Monday, August 24 and will close at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 27.”

 Individuals and businesses that have registered as buyers should have received a mailing containing details on how to participate in this year’s sale.

 “Successful bidders will be contacted and provided with invoices for payment,” Murray reported. “Registered buyers will be contacted during the week of the sale to determine plans for the animals following the sale if they are the successful bidder.”

 Those wishing to submit proxy bids will need to contact Murray by August 24 to place their bid by phone at 304-606-4683 or by emailing [email protected].

 “We are trying to do something for the kids and the community in light of the current pandemic,” imparted Murray. “We really hope that our traditional exhibitors, as well as any newcomers, will take part.”

 For more information, please contact Murray at the above-mentioned phone number.


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