Experience an explosion of flavor that awaits you at Wonder Bubble

GRAFTON— A fun, new business has made its way to the area, but this isn’t like most establishments; this newest addition to the community is mobile! 

Katie De La Vega relocated to Taylor County nearly two years ago with the hopes of moving one of her already established businesses from Buckhannon to Grafton. However, she had just began the process when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

But rather than allowing the set back to take hold of her plans completely, De La Vega adjusted to the situation that she was faced with and came up with a new way to pursue her venture. 

“I took the opportunity to pivot my original plans and started to build my food truck,” she shared. “Owning two restaurants previously, I just love the business and truly enjoy serving people a great product! Now, with Wonder Bubble, I can do that while I explore our beautiful state.” 

And now that she has the wheels going, De La Vaga is ready to serve the people of Grafton, as well as those in the surrounding area, with the opening of her mobile beverage truck, Wonder Bubble. 

Wonder Bubble made her maiden voyage in Grafton on July 2, and De La Vega noted that she was blown away by the support she has already received from the community. 

“Despite being brand new, I have received amazing support and positive feedback from the residents so far,” she said. 

Through Wonder Bubble De La Vega squeezes out some of the most delectable fresh lemonades that are unlike any other around. 

Customers to the mobile beverage truck will be treated to a delicious cup of Bubble Lemonade, served freshly squeezed and made to order.  

Offered in 12 different flavors including, strawberry, peach, lavender, cherry, watermelon, lime, cotton candy, pina colada, blue raspberry, kiwi, yogurt, rose, honey, bourbon and caramel, there is surely something to please everyone’s taste buds. 

And although most of Wonder Bubble’s flavors are unique, what really sets the business apart and takes the favorite summertime drink to another level when it comes to flavor, are the bubbles! 

“They are little fruit bubbles that are mixed in with the lemonade and can be sucked up through the extra wide straw and burst in your mouth, unlocking their flavor,” explained De La Vega. 

The flavor packing bubbles are available in 11 options which are, strawberry, peach, mango, blueberry, kiwi, yogurt, rose, dragon fruit, rainbow and to spicy things up a little bit, chili pepper. And you can double your bubbles for just $1. 

According to De La Vega, customers of Wonder Bubble have the option of mixing and matching the different flavors of lemonade with the different flavors of bubbles or can select from her menu of signature creations. 

Since Wonder Bubble is just getting started, De La Vega noted that a schedule of locations has not been solidified at this time, but that she is always looking for new locations to take up shop, and offer her product, hoping to alternate set up in Grafton, Fairmont and Bridgeport on a weekly basis. 

“I am also available for carnivals, fairs, pop-ups and private events,” she disclosed. 

All locations will be posted to the Wonder Bubble Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Wonder-Bubble-109471001280069/, as soon as they are confirmed. 

So, keep an eye out for the schedule by liking and following the aforementioned page, and when you see Wonder Bubble, be sure to swing by and create your own signature blend. 

“Coming out of the pandemic, I am really excited to get back out into the world and meet the great people of this community,” voiced De La Vega. 


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