Entertainers perform a tribute to the troops in “The Unsung”

TAYLOR COUNTY—A big congratulation is in order for the Entertainers on their stellar performance at the Grafton Tygart Dam Choral Classic.  The event, hosted by Grafton High School, is a very important fundraiser for the VIP Choral Boosters. 

The day was a long for the performers, directors, bands and volunteers, but one that was definitely entertaining to watch, as one great performance after another came to the Grafton High School stage.

“It is a long day, but being that it’s my senior year, every performance is totally worth it.  I’m going to miss performing with these people when it’s over,” said senior soloist Jared McMillian.

Other soloists included Trajan Duckworth, Jenna Wright and Hannah Hoskins, each giving an amazing performance. 

Ten show choir groups, besides the Entertainers performed, starting at 12:30 p.m., and ending around 8:30 p.m.

Russ Rock was the emcee for the day and kept the crowd entertained between sets with jokes and banter. 

“The Grafton High School Entertainers is one of the oldest show choirs in West Virginia under the direction of Mr. Christopher Dickey,” Rock started his introduction of the group.  “This group had overcome many challenges over the years and continues to rise to the top of their competition.” 

He shared that the 2018-2019 season brings the group to their 49th year of delivering high quality performances to the public.  The Entertainers continue a rich history of musical excellence and continue to deliver exciting and moving entertainment to audiences each year. 

“This year the Entertainers present to you “The Unsung” a story of our great military men and women who have given everything to secure the voice of freedom and defend our nation,” Rock added.

The story took guests through the lives of soldiers from enlistment to deployment.

“Journey along with us overseas as we see a young soldier struggle to find meaning and purpose in all he is given.  This final theme is understood in the fact that no matter what we face in life we can be champions and overcome,” said Rock. “The Entertainers have used this show to gain support and give to local veteran’s organizations and the Wounded Warrior Project.”

The Entertainers took the stage in military dress and wowed the audience with their meaningful journey through the life of a soldier.  Each song brought a new piece to the extraordinary story that they told through song and dance.

Following the performances of all groups, scores were tallied and the performers waiting in anticipation for the final results from the evening.

The Award ceremony in the gym ended a long, but fun filled, day.  Although the Entertainers were not in the running to win most awards because they were hosting, their Wyatt Dix and Abby Rucker were named Best Performers for Grafton High School.


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