Elizabeth Cather Towers names Valentine’s Day king and queen

GRAFTON—Residents at the Elizabeth Cather Towers had a Valentine’s Day party on Wednesday, and crowned a king and queen.

Site Supervisor Darlene Weber planned the party for the first time this year, “I really enjoyed planning the party for the residents and baking treats for them to enjoy on Valentine’s Day.”

“The residents really enjoy having parties for the holidays,” added Weber.

Weber baked and decorated a cake for the king and the queen. She also decorated a special table for them to sit at, to be honored.

Jeanette Shurmar, a resident at the Towers, said, “This is a tradition we have done every year at the Towers, everyone really enjoys it.”

Donna Brown, was crowned queen for Valentine’s Day. Brown said she enjoys doing crafts, mostly making jewelry and flower arrangements.

Brown shared, she volunteers at the Towers, and enjoys helping others when she can. She is originally from Thornton, and loves living at the Towers.

Roland Lykins, was crowned king for Valentine’s Day. Lykins said, he enjoys photography and going to bible study on Thursdays, at the Towers.

Lykins shared, he is originally from Texas, and moved to Grafton in January 2015.

He  said, “I visited Grafton in 2014, to come enjoy the Memorial Day Parade and take pictures.” Lykins added, he loves living at the Towers and being a resident of Grafton.

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