Effort and committment pay off for Louzy in Boston Marathon

Local PJ Louzy places within top 400 out of thousands of competitors

BOSTON, MA— The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world’s best-known road racing events, drawing in thousands of participants each year. 

And this year, for the 125th Annual Boston Marathon, more than 15,000 runners took part. Among those 15,000 was Grafton’s PJ Louzy. 

Louzy is a 2013 graduate of Grafton High School (GHS), who has always possessed a passion for running.

During his time as a member of the GHS XC team, he was a four-year state meet qualifier for Cross Country, twice with his team and twice as an individual.

In addition, Louzy was a part of the two State Championship XC teams in 2009 and 2010.

He also hustled his way to becoming an All-State 3200-meter runner in track in 2012, finishing 6th.

After graduating, Louzy continued to pursue his running at the next level as a member of the Davis and Elkins XC team, where he ran for the varsity squad for all four years of his time there. 

Since then, Louzy’s passion for running and determination to better himself has only grown, and he has continued to train and compete whenever possible, hoping to be an inspiration to younger aspiring runners.

He has continued to challenge himself, and recently, he took on perhaps one of the greatest challenges any runner may face.

Louzy decided to put his abilities to the test and participate in one of the largest and well-known marathons in the country; the Boston Marathon, a race that he shared has always been on his list to tackle. 

Louzy also shared that this is not his first time running in the Boston Marathon, but actually his second, in hopes of improving his finish.  

According to his father PD Louzy, in the 12 weeks leading up to the race, his training routine would usually involve 100 miles of running per week.  

He also did different workouts such as hills, mile repeats or various tempo runs.  

“So, it’s a safe bet that you have seen him running around town at some point,” his dad joked. 

Amid his training, and in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon, Louzy competed in the Houston Marathon back in January 2020 in order to yield a quick enough time to qualify him in his age group to compete in Boston.

The standard finishing time for this marathon is three hours, in which Louzy defeated with a solid time of 2:40:26, a time that he says he was very proud of and contributed to his placement in the Boston Marathon. 

Typically, the Boston race yields around 30,000 runners. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s number was nearly half of that, making the competition a bit stiffer. 

Entering the race with a bib number of 723, which is based on the runner’s entry time, Louzy surpassed all expectations. 

He finished the over 26-mile course in 2:42:07 for an average of 6:11 per mile, a major improvement from his previous attempt.  

“This time was almost 15 minutes faster than I ran it last time,” he boasted. 

His finishing time placed him well above the predicted finish, and Louzy landed at 354th out of 15,374 runners.

Out of the 7,941 men who took part he came in at 319th, and of the 2,231 men in the 18-39 age range he placed 286th. 

“I am super stoked with this effort considering Boston is one of the hardest marathons in the world,” Louzy expressed.

He shared that while the first half of the race is slightly downhill, it secretly destroys one’s quads if they’re not careful. 

“Then, it has multiple rolling hills, which become a grueling battle, but thankfully I prepared for the terrain through summer training and the legs were able to hold up for the most part,” Louzy shared. “It was a really great day, and I’m glad to know all the hard work paid off.”

And for those aspiring to one day follow in Louzy footsteps, he said that the best advice he could give a young runner is that effort and commitment go a long way in the sport of running. 

“Have a goal with a plan and strive to be the best you can possibly be. Put in the miles and, in specific to Boston, make sure you get a few downhill runs in per week to help build up the quads to prepare for the course.” 

Louzy also gave a special shout out to all of those who stood behind him on this journey, with a special thanks to his coach, family and friends. 

“It is really cool to know you have all those people behind you,” he commented. 

Congratulations PJ on such an amazing accomplishment! 


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