Dragons Den MMA headed to nationals

GRAFTON—Sensei Eric Swick is proud to announce that five of his Dragon’s Den students have qualified to participate in the NKF Championships in South Carolina in July.

In the USA NKF qualifier, Draken Swick took the bronze in weapons and fifth place in Kata. Rylee Jones captured the silver in Kata, the bronze in Kumite and fifth place in weapons. Sam Kniceley took gold in Kata and Kumite as well as a silver in weapons. Olivia Kniceley and Gerald Raikes came home with gold in weapons, Kata and Kumite.

This year the Dragon’s Den has become a member of the USA-NKF and will become a USA-NKF training facility. Sensei Eric Swick hopes he can turn his own tournament, The Rumble on the River, into a USA-NKF tournament. The Rumble on the River is scheduled to take place in April.

The USA National Karate-do Federation is the national governing body for karate in the United States Olympic Committee and is the official Member National Association (MNA) of the World Karate Federation (WKF) in the USA.

“The organization has complete authority over all decisions regarding U.S. national junior and senior team selections for World Karate Federation events,” said Sensei Eric Swick. “The tournaments that are held by the USA-NKF are big and nationwide and many famous martial artists attend the events. The USA Open is one of the largest international Black belt-only events in the world. Every year the USA-NKF holds a competition, generally referred to as Nationals, where all the people who qualified in one of the many Qualifiers around the USA compete in different categories for the National Champion title,” he added.

The divisions are broken into Kata, Korean Kata, Okinawan Kata, Mandatory Kata, Kobudo and Kumite.

The Dragon’s Den is located at 2 West Main Street in Grafton, WV.


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