Don’t miss a chance to buy a locally crafted authentic 1930s quilt

CLARKSBURG—Quilting has been a pastime for decades, and according to one local woman, quilts and quilting fabrics from the 1930s are in high demand, these days. Luckily, an area quilt shop will be selling handmade quilts, from days past.

Classic Quilt Shop, located at 126 E. Pike St, Clarksburg, will be holding a vintage quilt sale event this Saturday, August 5, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., where they will be selling the quilts dating back to the 1930s, made by Grafton native, Katie Vincent Keener.

Growing up, Pauline Brown saw her mother, Keener, making quilts. After her mother passed away, Brown inherited her mother’s collection of quilts.

According to Anna Jane Shriver, a friend of Brown who helped spearhead the upcoming sale, Brown’s collection consists of 32 quilts, which boast 18 quilts that have never been used, and another 13 that have been gently used, which will be sold for cash, at the vintage quilt sale.

“Pauline explained that many of the quilts are made from leftover scraps from her mother’s numerous sewing projects throughout the years,” shared Shriver. “A good deal of the scraps have come from old clothing, but more interestingly, from old feed sacks.”

Shriver disclosed that Brown decided that she would like the quilts to be sold to those who could truly appreciate their beauty and craftsmanship.

“Pauline’s only wish is to find a loving home for each quilt, and for someone to value them as much as her mother did,” explained Shriver.

History and vintage artwork are also being sold during the sale. So, stop by Classic Quilt Shop to see vintage works created by a Grafton gal, and maybe take home a quilt of your very own.

For more information, contact Classic Quilt Shop by calling 204-362-6969, visiting, or by logging onto Classic Quilt Shop’s Facebook page.

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