Don’t couch surf this summer, make friends and memories at 4-H camp

TAYLOR COUNTY—Children and teens of Taylor County still have time to sign up for this year’s Taylor County 4-H Camp. Anyone who is at least 9 years old as of September 30, 2019 and not older than 18 as of June 23, 2019 can attend.

This year’s camp will take place June 23- 27, at Camp Towles. The theme of Camp 2019 will be “We’ve Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?!”

The Extension office explains on the camp application that, ”Campers will show their spirit by completing a service project and participating in many other fun activities including classes, swimming, wish boats, the camp dance/movie/game night, tribal games, and much more.”

Parents that are looking for a week full of fun learning activities that keep children and teens engaged, this is the camp for you. 

Campers will have opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors instead of couch surfing the summer away. The youths will participate in swimming, hiking, running, many fun outdoor games and end their day with a fun filled Tribal Council around the campfire. 

Some classes that take campers outside are Air Rifle, Archery, Bugs, Canoeing, Fishing and more.

There are classes to fit many interests including Acoustic Guitar for Beginners, Adventures in Babysitting, Cooking 101 and Tie Dye to name a few. 

Camp is also the perfect place for kids to unplug from technology for a week filled with lots of activities. Campers get to tap into their creative energy as they are away from television, cell phones and the internet. 

H Camp is the perfect place for kids to practice independence in a safe environment. Campers learn to manage daily decisions for themselves in a safe, caring environment.

The great thing about 4-H camp is that it is open for everyone, not just 4-H members, and is very reasonably priced.

Camp fees for campers registered by May 24th is $80 for members, $40 for campers that qualify for free or reduced meals, $100 for non 4-H members and $60 for non-members that qualify for free or reduced meals.

For campers that register between May 25 and June 7, prices go up to $100 for members, $60 for members who qualify for free or reduced meals, $120 for non-members and $80 for non-members that qualify for free or reduced meals. 

A $10 deposit is due with registration and then campers are sent an invoice before camp with their remaining balance. The remaining balance must be paid at camp check in. 

Campers this year will enjoy the fun of participating in spirit week. Spirit week will include various activities such as the camp dance on Tie Dye Tuesday, Tacky Camper Day, Color Wars, Decades Day and Tired Camper Day.

If you are interested in signing your youth up for camp, please contact the Taylor County WVU Extension Office at 304-265-3303 or email John Murray at [email protected]


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