Defendant faces bond revocation, evidentiary hearing to be held

 TAYLOR COUNTY—An evidentiary hearing must be held before a defendant will learn his fate in a bond revocation in Taylor County Circuit Court.

Dante Xavier Hall, 24, was back before Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Alan D. Moats after a report was filed by Taylor County Community Corrections Director Tammy Narog asking that his bond be revoked and he be placed back in prison.

Hall had previously pled guilty to two counts of forgery and two counts of uttering, and was sentenced to one-to-ten years on each charge.

His sentence was held in abeyance, and he was placed on the Taylor County Community Corrections program, as part of a deferred adjudication. That was then transferred to Harrison County's program.

A report was received by Harrison County officials stating that the defendant had failed to comply with the terms of the program. In the document they cited a repeated failure to report, as well as a continued use of drugs while on the program.

“It is clearly obvious that Mr. Hall does not have his drug issues under control,” voiced Greg Michael, Defense Attorney for Hall. “We are asking that the court permit him to enter into a long-term drug treatment facility, where he can properly address his addiction.”

And while his attorney believes Hall suffers from a severe drug dependency, the defendant claims that he had not continued to use drugs outside of those given to him at a methadone clinic.

Not convinced, Michael added, “The lab results from the screens say differently.”

Hall further stipulated that he had not produced positive drug screens while on the community corrections program.

“They told me if I failed to report for testing that it would be considered a failed drug test,” Hall reported to the court.

The defendant also disclosed to the court that he had been told that he had completed the program.

“I don’t understand your position,” voiced Moats. “I ordered that you serve on the program for two years, and here you are saying four months later that you’re finished.”

When Hall reiterated that the Harrison County officials allegedly told him he had completed his time, Moats answered, “How could you think that? I’m the one that put you on the program. You can’t listen to anyone else other than my order.”

Moats reminded the court that he has taken the matter under advisement and had allowed Hall a chance to serve two years on the program in an effort to allow his felony charges to be dropped to less stringent infractions.

“I was trying to give you the opportunity to not have four felonies draped around your neck for the rest of your life,” Moats said.

 To help resolve the matter, Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney John Bord shared with the court that he could have Harrison County Community Corrections officials available to testify in the matter during a February 18 hearing.

“Mr. Hall, your counsel has expressed a concern with your continued drug use, and your family has concerns as well,” Moats voiced. “If I find that you have violated the terms of the program, I could reinstate your sentence, and you could be placed in prison for four-to-forty years.”

With that, the judge ordered that Hall's bond was revoked and he would await an evidentiary hearing to address the matter. That case was continued until February 18.



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