COVID protocols released by Taylor County Little League

Despite some slight inconveniences, organizers are excited to get the season underway

TAYLOR COUNTY— With the Taylor County Little League’s (TCLL) 2021 season set to get underway in the coming weeks, league representatives wanted to send out a few reminders for players and spectators alike, before that first pitch is thrown.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, the league is no stranger to the certain safety regulations that must be in place in order to proceed with the season this year, and is committed to keeping players, volunteers and viewers safe and healthy.

“The season ahead should be easier and run a little smoother. We went through this last year, and we are much more prepared to deal with the situation,” voiced TCLL President Tim Hussion.

He shared that it is the league’s primary goal during these difficult times is to keep kids, parents and coaches safe and healthy.

In order to do so, TCLL officials are asking the community to keep the following protocols in mind when heading to the ball field.

At this time, fans will be permitted in the stands, as they were last season, with the bleachers being taped off for proper social distancing, which audiences are expected to continue practicing.

Additionally, it is the recommendation of the league that players and coaches that are inside of the dugouts and on the bench to be masked up. However, face coverings are not required during on-field play.

In keeping up with cleanliness and sanitation efforts, any equipment that must be shared among a team, such as catcher’s gear, will be sterilized before each use.

Also, to reduce the possible spread of germs, each player will be required to bring an individual water bottle to practices and games, as water sources will not be shared, and teams are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their assigned dugout following each game.

In the event that a coach or player must be quarantined due to exposure to the virus, they are strongly recommended to follow the guidelines that have been set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and enter a 14-day isolation period. Although, the organization did report that it will be acceptable to resume normal activities if the exposed yield a negative test result and quarantine for seven days or present no symptoms after isolating for ten days.

Documentation noting a negative test result must be submitted to the team coach or manager upon return from a quarantine period.

All of the league’s recommendations are based on guidelines and rules that have been set in place by local health officials, as well as the CDC, and TCLL reminded that they recognize that the recommendations are fluid and are subject to change, and ask for cooperation in navigating through these challenging times.   

“We had a successful season last year with no COVID incidences. Let’s make a conscious effort to play it safe and have a great 2021 season,” he imparted. “COVID does provide an inconvenience to what and how we are doing things, but we are getting to play baseball. We are definitely excited about that.”


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