COVID mobile testing site to close up shop

TAYLOR COUNTY—For nearly three weeks Taylor County hasn’t had any positive, active cases of Coronavirus.
“As of this morning, we have had 859 total people tested that have resulted in 842 negative cases, and we still have nine tests pending results,” shared Grafton-Taylor County Threat Prep Coordinator Shawn Thorn. “Taylor County has recorded eight total positive cases, but all eight of those have recovered.”
He said that he was pleased to see the county at a 0.93 percent positivity rate, but he would like to see that number decrease even more.
“We are doing really well, but we need to continue to work to ensure our numbers stay down,” Thorn voiced.
Thorn noted that residents may have seen a broadcast news report that stated Taylor County had a new COVID-19 positive case, but that information was not correct.
“We do not have any positive cases as of now in Taylor County. That information was reported in error,” he disclosed. “The individual who tested positive is not a resident of Taylor County but rather an inmate in Huttonsville Prison and has been for approximately 15 years. Again, Taylor County has zero active COVID-19 cases.”
In fact, Taylor County Health Officer David Bender revealed that due to the lack of individuals meeting the requirements to utilize the drive through testing location at Grafton High School, this week out be the final week for it.
“We just haven’t been seeing the numbers increase for people who are meeting the requirements, so we are making the decision to close down the mobile site sometime next week,” he shared. “We are thinking that it will remain open until mid-week.”
Although the site will not be operational any longer, he is still encouraging anyone who believes they may have been in contact with a COVID positive person, or anyone who displays the symptoms associated with the virus, to please contact the hospital.
“We will recommend that they still go through a screening process, so that if they require testing, they will receive it,” Bender shared.
He noted that many surrounding counties have begun testing their vulnerable populations through an effort with the West Virginia National Guard, and eventually Taylor County will take part in similar testing.
“So far, the Monongalia County Health Department tested 1,000 individuals, and all of those tests have come back negative, I believe,” said Thorn.
Minorities, those with special needs and those without primary health care providers were among the residents who received the free COVID-19 tests.
While the need for testing has decreased in the county, health officials reveal that they are ready to jump back into action if needed.
“Because we use a mobile setup, should we see a need arise for an increase in testing, we will be able to set up the test site rather quickly in the future,” said Bender.
Thorn said that he would like to remind individuals to continue to follow the safety measures set in place to help ensure the county’s numbers stay low.
He further noted that when obtaining information about the case count for the county, to please check on Grafton-Taylor County Health Department’s Facebook page,, where an update is given daily.
Information is also being shared by the Mountain Statesman in their print editions and on their Facebook page, as well as their website.