County sees a decrease in active COVID cases

TAYLOR COUNTY—On Thursday, the Grafton-Taylor Health Department announced additional positive cases of COVID-19 involving residents of the county. While numbers have continued to climb, health officials feel as if the county may start to see a slowing in the amount of cases.

“We have a total of 105 cases so far,” revealed Grafton-Taylor County Health Department Threat Preparedness Coordinator Shawn Thorn. “You may be asking why that is not 106 cases based on our releases, however we have had one case that was removed because it was false positive.”

He explained that the patient underwent two additional tests within 48 hours that yielded negative results.

“And despite what some media outlets have reported, a saliva test was not used. We do not utilize saliva tests, we only use PCR nasal tests,” Thorn voiced.

With the announcement of the 105th positive case, Taylor County’s total case count now sits at 38 active tests and 63 recovered patients. Of course, the county fell victim to the virus and has reported fourth deaths thus far.

Dr. David Bender, County Health Officer, said that he could see a potential for a decrease in the number of active cases within the near future.

“We do have 38 active cases, however, I believe that we will see that number decrease in the next week or so, pretty significantly,” he revealed. “When we are dealing with nursing home patients, and we have numerous, there is more that we have to do to classify them as recovered.”

He reported that as it stands, the county is on a yellow status on the county alert system, but barring any additional infections at Rosewood, in the near future it should be reduced to green status.

“Statewide, we are definitely seeing a decrease in overall cases, and hospital stays and ICU bed use is staying flat, and I believe we will begin to see a decrease in those cases, as well,” Bender noted.

While numbers seem to be stabilizing, health officials urge residents to be just as vigilant as ever in their fight against the virus.


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