County Clerk seeking poll workers to carry out their civic duty

Helping on Election Day can put cash in your pocket!

TAYLOR COUNTY—Election day is drawing nearer and nearer and Taylor County Clerk Georgianna Thompson is once again in search of individuals to carry out their civic duty at the polls.

Often, obtaining traditional poll workers can be challenging, however it is of great importance that county clerks are armed with the resources they will need to open the polls, including additional workers.

Typically, it takes nearly 9,000 poll workers on election day to complete a statewide election. On average, that’s over 160 employees for each clerk to manage.

Thompson is encouraging capable residents to step forward and serve as poll workers during the 2022 Primary Election. She said that having an ample amount of workers will ensure that polling locations will be open and accessible to voters.

She shared that obtaining poll workers can sometimes be a difficult task in a regular election, but she is hopeful that Taylor County residents will step up to the task.

Not only does poll working offer individuals a way to carry out their civic duty, but it can also help put cash in their pockets. 

“Not only are they paid to work the polls on election day, they also get paid to attend poll worker training,” revealed Thompson. “Each county pays their workers differently, but at the end of the day it is still extra cash in their pockets.

On average around the state, poll workers are paid up to $125 to attend training and an additional sum up to $175 to work election day. Again, it is important to note that pay differs from county to county.

 “Here in Taylor County, Ballot Commissioners, those responsible for picking up supplies, will make $270 and regular poll workers will earn $260 during this year’s election,” Thompson explained. 

To be eligible for the position, participants must be a registered voter of the county and must be able to read and write.

They may not be a candidate or official write-in candidate on the ballot; cannot be a parent, child, sibling or spouse of a candidate, may not be a person prohibited from serving as an election official due to statute; and cannot have been previously convicted of a violation of any election law.

“I know of some poll workers that will not be eligible to work this year, because of their desire to run for one of the positions up for bid,” said Thompson. 

She explained that workers will first be chosen by a list provided by the county’s executive committees. Those nominated election officials can be confirmed prior to appointment by the county clerk’s office.

“Once those workers have been assigned positions, I can start pulling from my list of interested individuals,” she noted. 

Should someone wish to become a poll worker, they are encouraged to contact the county clerk’s office by phone at 304-265-1401.

“We really need poll workers,” imparted Thompson. “I don’t want to have to consolidate precincts, but if workers cannot be found, I will be forced to do so. Come on parties, step up to the plate and work!”


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