County Clerk Georgianna Thompson addresses common election quandaries

TAYLOR COUNTY—Many Taylor County residents have received their absentee ballot applications, and with no end in sight for the Coronavirus shutdown, County Clerk Georgianna Thompson is urging all voters to utilize this option when casting their votes.
Because Thompson had made the decision of offer the applications to voters before Secretary of State Mac Warner announced that statewide issuance of the applications would be made, some residents have received more than one form.
Thompson revealed that voters would only need to fill out one absentee ballot application and mail it back to her office, located at 128 W. Main Street, Annex 2, Grafton, WV 26354.
“We have received a large amount of phone calls from citizens asking if they needed to submit an additional application. The answer is no. Those who have already applied to vote absentee do not need to submit another form,” she informed.
 She said that the system that her office utilizes will notify them of the ballots they have already received.
Those wishing to vote through the absentee-by-mail option are encouraged to complete the form and return it as soon as possible.
Thompson reported that all applications would need to completed and received by her office no later than June 3.
“We are trying to limit the exposure of residents to the threat of Coronavirus at the polls, and the best way to ensure you stay healthy, is to vote from your very own home,” Thompson voiced. “While the risk may be reduced by that point, it would be better to err on the side of caution.”
Once approved, the county clerk will mail a postage prepaid absentee ballot with instructions to the voter, who will then cast their votes according to the instructions
All returned absentee ballots must be postmarked by June 3. Those wishing to hand-deliver their absentee ballots will have until June 8 to do so.
Thompson would also like to remind residents that they will have the ability to register to vote in the Primary Election until May 19, and early voting will take place from May 27 through June 6.
Because the county clerk’s office remains closed for the time being, those wishing to register to vote should visit and click on the “register to vote” button.
For those voters who are already registered but not sure which party they’re supporting, a visit to the Secretary of State’s website listed above can help. Simply click on the WV Vote tab and the site will prompt you to input information to see which party will receive your vote.
According to Thompson, she has received questions regarding voting in the election. One of the common inquiries addressed who voters would be allowed to support in the primary election.
“We have had voters question if they are allowed to vote for the opposing party during the primary election,” she revealed. “The answer is no, not in the primary. Democrats must cast their vote on the Democrat ballot and Republicans for Republicans. The only exception is for those voters who are registered Independent, and they will have the option of which party ballot to vote on.”
She shared that residents can find the answer to many voter questions, keep up to date with election information and access an updated list of registration and polling place locations on
“Questions may also be directed to the WV Secretary of State’s Elections Division by phone at 304-558-6000 by sending a message to [email protected],” Thompson noted.


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