Continued drug use sends defendant back to jail

TAYLOR COUNTY—After being sentenced in August 2019 for felony child neglect, a local defendant’s alternative sentence was revoked, and her underlying sentence was reinstated.

During her sentencing in 2019, Shyla Mae Cline was permitted to enter into the Taylor County Community Corrections program, where she was able to obtain to attend treatment at the BBC Rehabilitation Center.

After successfully completing the program in March 2022, the Community Corrections staff recommended that she continue on with a long-term treatment. However, Cline refused.

Instead, she was returned to the program to undergo supervision, with check-ins and drug testing. On April 18, 2022, Program Director Tammy Narog submitted a report to the court outlining the defendant’s positive drug screens.

A capias was issued the next day, and on the following day, she was taken into custody.

During a recent bond revocation hearing, the court questioned Cline and her counsel, Gabrielle Flanagan, as to their position on the matter. Through her attorney, Cline petitioned the court to be allowed to serve the remainder of her sentence on home confinement.

Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney John Bord voiced his opposition, on behalf of the State of West Virginia, citing concerns for Cline’s health and safety, fearing that she could potentially be pulled further into a spiraling drug addiction.

However, he did concede that if she would agree to long-term treatment, the state would not object.

Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Shawn D. Nines, agreeing with the state, found that Cline’s continued drug use not only violated the terms of her alternative sentence, but it also caused concern for her overall welfare.

He voiced that it was his stance that at this time, the defendant was not an appropriate candidate for further alternative sentencing.

It was ordered that Cline’s Community Corrections sentence be revoked, and that her one-to-five-year sentence be reinstated, noting that she would serve the remainder behind bars in a regional jail.

Nines further ordered that if Cline could secure a bed in a long-term substance abuse treatment facility, the court would consider her release into the program.


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