Community service to take center stage during 9/11 remembrances

TAYLOR COUNTY—The 21st anniversary of an occurrence that shook the nation to its core is right around the corner, and to help honor the lives lost, as well as remind residents of the importance of national pride, various organizations will come together to focus on Remembering September 11.

During the special initiative, the Rotary Club of Grafton, Grafton Lions Club, American Legion Post 12 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3081 Auxiliary will join forces to help remember the events of September 11, 2001, as well as the overwhelming spirit of togetherness felt in the days and weeks after.

Many who lived through the events of that day can recall in great detail what they were doing when they first learned of the terrible and deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The reaches of the effects of that infamous day will remain with all who experienced it in any capacity, and US citizens will not soon forget September 11, 2001. However, something wonderful came from the attacks, as Americans far and wide came together in support of the country.

For a period of time, there were no barriers, no divisions, no separations, only Americans. And the phrase, “Proud to be an American” was greatly displayed.

According to a Rotarian, that mindset will hopefully come to mind as community service takes center stage during the week of September 11-17, as the local clubs and organizations come together to address Remembering September 11, through their second annual Celebrate Community initiative.

Through the Celebrate Community project, the four entities will gather at the International Mother’s Day Shrine to showcase a special flag display symbolizing that fateful day. There, guests will be able to view nine rows containing 11 flags.

“We would like to thank the West Virginia National Cemetery in Pruntytown for allowing us to use their grave flags for this display and momentous occasion,” the Rotarian shared.

At the same time, the local chapter of the American Legion will be holding a flag raising ceremony at the Isle of Flags, located at the intersection of U.S. Route 119 and U.S. Route 50, in Blueville.

The flag raising will be held in the same fashion as the event held in conjunction with Veterans Day, according to American Legion Post 12 Commander Robbie Robinson.

Both events are slated to take place on Saturday, September 10, beginning at 1:00 p.m. The VFW Auxiliary will be on hand at both events handing out lapel pins to those in attendance.

“We are proud to join the four local community groups together for this event and look forward to collaborating future events with them all,” voiced Grafton Rotarian Gregory Cartwright.

Because of the rich military heritage present in Taylor County, the American Legion and VFW Auxiliary feel it is not only their duty but their right and pleasure to take part in events such as these.

And because community is at the heart of the Rotary and Lions Clubs, the pairing with the veteran’s organizations make perfect sense.

Leadership from the Lions Clubs International and Rotary International have encouraged their clubs around the world to work together on projects during one week as part of a joint initiative dubbed Celebrate Community – #CelebrateCommunity.

Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. 

The organization connects 1.4 million members of more than 46,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work improves lives at both the local and international levels, from helping those in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. 

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Lions Clubs International is the largest service club organization in the world. More than 1.4 million members in over 48,000 clubs are serving in 200 countries and geographic areas around the globe. 

Since 1917, Lions have strengthened local communities through hands-on service and humanitarian projects, through the generous support of the Lions Clubs International Foundation. 

The organization places focus on supporting vision, the environment, childhood cancer, hunger, diabetes and other pressing humanitarian needs, to help address some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. 

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