Community members encouraged to spread kindness, show support

GRAFTON—There is something special that occurs in a small town when a terrible event occurs, and Grafton has once again shown that in the face of adversity, her people will rise.
For weeks, the community has been on high alert, following the announcement of the rapid spread of Novel Coronavirus 2019. After the initial panic struck, residents shifted gears and began to look to their family, friends and neighbors for help and support.
To further that cause, one local woman has created a place where community members can come together and assist one another, when possible.
Through the creation of her Facebook group, Taylor County Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Sonya Lipscomb Miller is hoping to remind residents that no one is in this situation alone.
“I just think that there are so many out there who feel that no one cares about them and that they are alone during this scary time of the COVID-19 spread,” she revealed. “No one should have to feel like that. I believe we are all in this thing together and should have one another’s backs.”
Miller shared that the idea to launch this forum of support quickly came about after seeing individuals in need.
“About two years ago, the Lord put it on my heart to start couponing and donating my excess items to local pantries,” she disclosed. “Usually it was items that individuals would struggle to afford after purchasing their food for the week, including toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, feminine hygiene products and even pet food.”
“I haven’t been able to coupon lately, but I wanted to do something to fill that void, and this idea came to me,” Miller added.
She said that it dawned on her that if she had unmet needs or extra items to donate, other people in the community were probably in the same situation. It was then she took to social media.
“I opened the group on Wednesday morning and by the next morning the number had grown to over 800 people,” Miller told. “I’m sure that that number will only continue to grow.”
She said that Taylor County Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a place for community members to come to ask for assistance or offer any help they can.
“I have seen offers by individuals to help pick up medications or go on grocery runs. We also have people sewing masks around the clock,” Miller noted. “We have had members offer monetary donations or to purchase supplies for those efforts.”
She said that she would also be offering up some magazines of her own for people to entertain themselves with.
“It is my hope that while we are all taking every safety measure possible, we will continue to come together in support of one another,” she added. “It would be great to see neighbors sharing board games, movies, books, magazines, crafting supplies and bibles across their fences and yards!”
Miller revealed that it is her belief that no gesture of love is too small and it would not go unrewarded.
For those on Facebook who would like to join in on the effort, simply search for Taylor County Neighbors Helping Neighbors and ask to join.
“It’s really all about letting everyone know that we are here, we care and you are not alone,” Miller voiced.
If social media isn’t your cup of tea, Miller said you can still take part in the movement of caring for the community.
“Simply check on your neighbors. See if there is anything you can do for them,” she imparted. “Bring their mail to them, bake them some cookies, leave a card or note on their door to let them know you’re thinking about them. Basically, just do for them what you’d want someone to do for you. Be thoughtful. Be kind. And above all, be safe!”


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