Community members encouraged to find Hope for Taylor County

TAYLOR COUNTY—As the Taylor County Collaborative Family Resource Network (TCCFRN) gets ready to host its third meeting for Hope for Taylor County, they want to welcome one and all to attend.

This program is for anyone that wants to see an improvement on the alcohol and drug addiction issues in Taylor County.

West Virginia has the highest age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths involving opioids.

In 2017, there were 833 drug overdose deaths involving opioids in West Virginia - a rate of 49.6 deaths per 100,00 persons. That rate is double the ratio in 2010 and threefold higher than the national rate of 14.6 deaths per 100,000 persons.    

If you yourself have battled with addiction, if you have a loved one battling addiction or you are a concerned citizen that wants to help, they can use your viewpoint and input. 

Hope for Taylor County is a program for folks to talk about and implement positive approaches to addiction problems in Taylor County. 

The sessions are headed by Cathy Coontz-Griffith, Executive Director of the TCCFRN, who has worked in prevention for thirty-two years. 

“We welcome everyone and would love for our community to come together to work on our issues,” said Coontz-Griffith

Coontz-Griffith provides a welcoming safe environment for the meetings to take place. She guides attendees through exercises to get the most and best information she can to decide on future actions and programming. 

“Taylor County has always been one of those counties that has stuck with me and one of the counties that I did the best work in because a lot of people here were receptive to banding together and solving problems. So, I give you guys a big thumbs up for that,” said Coontz-Griffith. 

As the TCCFRN says, “Drug and alcohol touches every Taylor County family and addiction is hard to manage. However, in Taylor County, there are many positives! Taylor County, we can meet the challenge, together we can make a difference.”

The meeting will take place at Espresso Yourself Coffee House on August 15 from 5:00-7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend for the betterment of our community.


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