Community hangout spot celebrates two years of success

GRAFTON—Coffee houses are often one of the first commercial operations to pop up in a new neighborhood or district, with the ability to not only draw together residents and customers, but to also generate activity that can lead to additional neighborhood development.

The opening of Espresso Yourself Coffee House in Grafton two years ago has definitely been a positive addition to downtown.  Donna and Tom Hart celebrated their two-year anniversary of the opening of the popular shop this past weekend. 

“I was so excited when Tom and Donna said that they were opening a coffee house.  I feel that coffee houses have become the hubs of the communities and that is something that Grafton needed.  I am thrilled with their success and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple,” said Ron Curry.

Espresso Yourself isn’t only a coffee shop, it has become a place where book clubs meet, folks stop for coffee before parades and community events, birthday parties are held, and live local music and comedy shows have a stage. 

“I love that you can come here and have a chat, come here because you have work to do, come here because you are meeting someone -it’s a  multifunctional area and there is always a wonderful festive feel in here,” said Melissa Garvin.

Parents appreciate that there is a safe place for teenagers to come and hang out.  And not only to hang out but to study, and if they like, create art.

Espresso Yourself has sponsored high school students to paint a gorgeous mural on the wall of Toad Hall and always champion the annual chalk walk, which is run by high school students.  These activities have given the students a sense of pride in their town and exposed them to coordinating events to help their community.

When folks visit the shop, they can also see tee shirts designed by Jonathan Ady, a former Grafton resident who started the popular “Best Dam Town” campaign.  The Harts proudly sell the shirts, as well as others, that help build up the esteem of the town. 

“It’s nice to have a place you can go and enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere.  Tom and Donna are amazing owners who truly care about the services they offer and the community they live in,” said resident Bryan Smith.

Not that many haven’t visited the local hot spot, but for those who haven’t, stop down and support this wonderful local couple and their endeavors. 

This Friday and Saturday, during the city’s annual holiday events, would be the perfect time to visit with the Harts and grab something yummy.

Keeping a winter theme in mind, they will be serving up Olaf hot chocolate and an Elsa Smoothie for guests to try, in addition to their usual hot and cold coffees and delicious pastry choices.

Visit the coffee house and well as their new Arts and Treasures Makers Market next door.  Show support to those who are supporting our community.


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