Commission holds quick meeting

TAYLOR COUNTY—The July 31 Taylor County Commission meeting was short and to the point, after the WV State Auditor, John McCuskey had to reschedule his appearance.

Sheena Hunt attended the meeting to discuss the Region VI Broadband Plan Agreement.  Hunt said that the Design 9 broadband contract came in at $36,700.  That amount is well covered by the $125,000 grant the county was awarded for the study.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Christopher Miller examined the contract before the Commissioners voted to approve it.

Taylor County will be piloting the program for Region VI.  The program will identify underserved areas and needed updates. 

After the results from the study are in, it is up to the county to apply for the additional grant money to cover what is needed.

Hunt said that the study should be completed by the end of the year.

The Commissioners then voted to pay the county taxes of $3011, based off the 2010 censuses, which lists Taylor County’s population at 16,895. 

The needed computer maintenance software system contract was then also passed.  The new three-year contract with Software Systems Inc. came in $4,000 less than the previous company’s contract. 

Commissioner Tony Veltri then shared that he, Orville Wright and Patricia Henderson, commission support staff, had attended a regional Commissioners meeting last week. 

Veltri shared that he was impressed that Lewis County had recently collected thousands of dollars in back personal taxes, by hiring an attorney to follow up with the residents with unpaid taxes.

Veltri suggested that Taylor County look into doing the same saying, “There has never been a real effort to collect them.”

Prosecuting Attorney, John Bord, informed the Commissioners that Taylor County had done the same thing several years ago and said it would be a good idea to do it again.

Veltri asked Taylor County Assessor Christa Kinsey to set down with Sheriff Terry Austin and discuss the idea.

After that discussion, the Commission went into executive session to discuss the Norma Lucas Estate hearing. 

The next Taylor County Commission meeting will take place August 7, at 6:00 p.m., in room 111 of the Taylor County Courthouse.