Commission backs grant application that would aid residents

TAYLOR COUNTY—The Taylor County Commission met on Tuesday evening to discuss a potential grant opportunity that would help bring about funds that the residents of the county could utilize.

During the meeting, representatives from the United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties were present to provide information on a program that would assist residents who had felt the financial strain brought on by the current pandemic.

The grant, which is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the Taylor County Relief Fund would address homelessness in the county.

Residents who had been finically impacted due to layoffs, work stoppages or reduced work hours and wages would be able to apply for assistance to help pay their rent or mortgages.

During the meeting, the Taylor County Commission submitted a resolution in support of the grant application, authorizing the submission of the documentation to the State of West Virginia for the funding in response to Coronavirus.

Through the CDBG, low to moderate income persons, through the United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties, are able to access public services that would aid them in keeping current their rent or mortgage payments, helping to reduce the risk of eviction from their residences.

Commissioner Tony Veltri read, “by this resolution, the Commission of Taylor County hereby authorizes the submission of the grant application and acceptance of said grant if the same is awarded, and designates and official representative to act in connection with the grant application, acceptance of the same and the execution of all necessary program documents.”

The resolution states that the Taylor County Commission, upon approval of the grant, would be the entity that would distribute funds accordingly and would comply with all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the grant.

With a unanimous vote, the commission agreed to pass the resolution in support of the submission of the grant application.

If the grant application is approved, the funding will be made available to the county, who would then distribute it to the United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties for them to utilize through their program.

“If approved, residents will be able to take part in a program that would assist them up in an amount up to $2,000,” said Taylor County Commission Support Staff Patricia Henderson. “This will be a great thing for the county’s residents.”

The United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties, with the help of local officials and the kind generosity of community members, works to ensure the need of residents within their counties are being met. They do this through numerous programs, that are often no or little cost to individuals.

For more information on the United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties, please visit their website at



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