Coming together for the community

Grafton Fire Department, Taylor County Commission and local PSDs working together for safety and wellbeing of citizens

GRAFTON—The Grafton and Flemington Fire Departments are teaming up with Public Service Departments (PSD) and the Taylor County Commission to install new fire hydrants in the county.

According to Grafton Fire Chief Dave Crimm, the departments will be installing 12 new hydrants, as well as replacing three that needed to be repaired.

“We have 14 locations for hydrants that will be installed. Twelve of them are brand new locations and two have to be replaced, along with one that will be fixed,” shared Crimm. “That will give us a total of 15 new hydrants in the county.”

Crimm discussed with the Taylor County Commission the locations that will receive new hydrants.

“We really wanted to be able to add some hydrants to some other areas in the county, but the water lines will not support the hydrants,” he disclosed. “Hopefully, once those lines are upgraded, we will be able to get hydrants out in those parts of the county.”

Areas that will receive the upgrades include Route 50, near the Taylor County Fair Grounds, the intersection of Wickwire and Turner Roads, Route 119 North near Mountaineer Power Equipment and White Day Road, Wilson Ridge near the Wilson Ridge Church, the intersection of Glade Run and Cornwell Roads, an additional unit at the top of the hill on Cornwell Road and one at the intersection of Cornwell and Eby Roads.

Hydrants will also be installed at the intersection of Route 119 South and Waller Road near the railroad tracks, on Route 76 near the Dollar General and the railroad crossing and at the intersection of Valley Falls and Lynn Chapel Roads.

“This is a huge step for the fire services, to be able to better respond to fire calls in those areas,” Crimm expressed. “The strategic places we have selected will help with our turn around time for the tankers that are used during fire emergencies.”

He said that by installing the fire hydrants in the areas selected, the tankers wouldn’t have to travel numerous miles to get water, allowing the crews to combat fires in a quicker manner.

According to Crimm, the hydrants will be manufactured by C I Thornburg, Inc., a company out of Bridgeport that works closely with water treatment facilities.

Once the hydrants are manufactured, they will be installed by the PSDs that service those areas. Crimm told the commissioners that it should take approximately eight hours to install each hydrant.

“If we install the 13 new units and we repair one and replace two, that will bring everyone up to where they need to be, correct,” questioned Commissioner Rusty Efaw.

Crimm reported that with those hydrants taken care of, each area would be set in the event of an emergency.

He shared that each of the 13 new units will cost nearly $3,500. That, coupled with the cost to repair the other two units, will bring the total to approximately $50,000, and the project is being funded by the county commission.

Following the manufacture and installation of the units, Crimm will inspect them to ensure that everything is properly installed.

“This is a very positive step and a proactive way for the Taylor County Commission to recognize the fire services and the need to better help the citizens of the county,” imparted Crimm. “By providing these hydrants, it is another way to show citizens that the commissioners are continually looking out for their welfare and wellbeing.”

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