Coat closet bursting at the seams with community donations

GRAFTON—One local program is making a difference by providing essential items to families.

Cathy Coontz-Griffith Executive Director for Taylor County Collaborative Family Resource Network (TCCFRN) shared that in 2016 they were getting many inquiries about clothing for kids and hygiene products.

“We saw there was a lot of people in Taylor County that were in need of personal care items, so we wanted to help those need. We also wanted to try to help out those who have suffered a fire or other disaster,” said Coontz.

She disclosed that the TCCFRN put a call out to the community at large, for donations to begin a clothing closet.

Since then, the program has received many much needed items, including shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent and other smaller items, helping over a dozen families in Taylor County.

Program Director of Taylor County Starting Points Lisa Wotring revealed that they have received over $1,100 dollars of brand new clothing and hygiene products, as well as over 1,000 pounds of gently used clothing.

“We have over half a ton of gently used clothing. Thank you for supporting your TCCFRN, and ensuring all families can thrive in times of need,” expressed Wotring.

The program focuses primarily on kids and teens for donations, but will accept new clothing of any size.

Some of the items the closet is looking is in need of are coats for the winter season, in all sizes and some boys clothing sizes eight-18.

As of right now there are not designated hours for the closet. Please call 304-265-6838 or 304-265-6839 to make an appointment to visit the TCCFRN office Monday through Thursday.

“We would like indivduals to call ahead because we want to ensure that someone is present to help,” explained Coontz.

Clothing needs can be met on an individual basis, and is only limited to three outfits per child or two outfits and a coat depending on availability of size.  

The TCCFRN also has an emergency diaper pantry that can be utilized by those in need of wipes and diapers for their children in sizes preemies to six. The service can be utilized once per month.

Coontz and Wotring would like sincerely thank the community for all of the donations, as well as the World Vision Work Mission 2017 for closet construction.

“We could not offer these services without this outstanding community support,” they expressed.