Clovis exhibit extended at TCAC

GRAFTON—Due to the success of the show, the John Clovis exhibit, “Working with the Falls” will be extended another month.

This showing consists of paintings done in watercolor and watercolor pencils of Valley Falls. 

The Taylor County Arts Council is usually announcing their feature show for the new month at this time, but instead they are hosting the Clovis exhibit until Saturday, September 21.   

Not only has foot traffic been great for the show, sales are also doing well.  However, there are still some beautiful pieces available so stop down at Gallery 62 West and check it out.

Clovis is a retired professor of fine art, known to many from his years at Fairmont State University where he taught for thirty-four years.

During his time at Fairmont State University, he taught Painting, Design, Art Education and Art History.

He has been painting much of his life and regularly chooses to use watercolors.

Clovis would take his students to Valley Falls, three or four times a year for painting sessions, these works are from those sessions.

“For myself, watercolors offer the opportunity for paintings created with expediency, pleasure, with excitement, always leading to exploration,” said Clovis.

Curator of the Clovis show, Lorna Vincent met with Brett Harshbarger, superintendent of Valley Falls State Park, to walk him through the Clovis show. 

“I told him about out classes at the falls, and great times we had learning to portray water in motion and nature,” Vincent shared. “The changing seasons around the beautiful setting that was so accessible and such a local treasure.”

Vincent said that she was disappointed to hear that no classes take advantage of the falls.  She and Harshbarger discussed doing something to remedy that in the near future.  Classes are hopefully being planned for some time in the fall.

“Everything is in the planning phase, but it’s so exciting!  Waterfalls and art,” said Vincent. 

The TCAC would like to welcome everyone to come down for First Friday in September and see these beautiful works. There are also some new pieces for sale in the Art Shop that would make great, unique holiday gifts.


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