Civil Service Board decides on testing for officers

GRAFTON—It was a very exciting meeting of the Civil Service Board for the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department when they met on Tuesday, October 29, to decide on a deputy sheriff entrance exam date for new officers. 

The officers are much needed by the county who are currently short three to four officers. 

County Clerk of Georgianna Thompson will schedule the test and the commission will oversee the testing. 

“We are responsible for administrating the exam itself as well as the physical agility testing,” said Kitzmiller. 

The three commissioners, Don Kitzmiller, Charles Jefferies and Rusty Efaw who were newly appointed earlier this fall, met in Thompson’s new office. 

For anyone not familiar with the office of the Civil service commission, according to the West Virginia Code “There shall be a civil service commission in each county and the state.  Each civil service commission shall consist of three commissioners, one of whom shall be appointed by the bar association of such county, one of whom shall be appointed by the deputy’s sheriff’s association of such county, and one of whom shall be appointed by the county commission of such county.”

“We oversee the hiring and firing of the deputy sheriffs.  Not the sheriff or the chief deputy, we are representation, bad or good, for the deputies of Taylor County.  We hear the grievance process procedures or whatever it may be,” explained Kitzmiller. 

Kitzmiller, sworn in on September 11, 2019, is the bar association representative and will serve for six years. Jefferies, sworn in on September 12, 2019, represents the deputy sheriff’s association and will serve a four-year term.  And Efaw, sworn in on September 11, 2019, was appointed by the county commission and will serve two years. 

Each year the three members of the commission, shall, together, elect one of their members to act as president for one year.

No commissioner may hold any other office (other than that of notary public) under the United States, this state or any municipality, county or other political subdivision.  Nor may any commissioner serve on any political part committee or take any active part in the management of any political campaign. 

While their meetings are open to the public they meet on a need or case by case basis.

The Civil Service Board will be conducting a Civil Service Exam in the near future   for the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department has four open positions for Deputy, and for those that are interested in that position, applications can be obtained from the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office located in the courthouse.


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